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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

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  2. Imagine being that immature at that age. She is truly grotesque.
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  3. This is why you never take your foot off their necks.

    Even when the $20k forgiveness was announced, progressives saw the lack of information for FFEL loan holders outside of "we are working on a process for those with privately-held, federally-backed loans" and said they needed to be more transparent.

    The main issue is not just that now 770k Americans won't get forgiveness, but that corporate Dems will still be friendly to banks and loan processors when this is occurring because they (in particular Missouri is claiming it is arguing on behalf of MOHELA) are trying to sabotage the debt relief and the only way to save the project now is to make such exclusion to remove their standing.
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  4. I KNEW if Christian opened his foghorn about his dad's political ambitions it would be really bad, but I thought it would be moreso by MAGAs upset he had a gay son and not because he would air all the dirty laundry nn.

  5. Not a great day for GOP candidates
  6. As a graduate and former employee of Columbia, fuck that university. The entire institution is rotted to its core and I'm totally unsurprised they endorsed and covered up 20 years of animal cruelty.
  7. That Dr. Oz has no regard for the scientific method or the quality of scientific evidence when he promotes quackery on his TV show makes it so much worse.

    These dogs were tortured in the name of science by a promoter of pseudoscience. I’m sure the experimental design for whatever the fuck he was “investigating” was totally trash. The whole thing seems like an excuse to be cruel. Psychopath behavior.
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  8. I’m only now finding out that Herschel Walker’s son is that TikTok gay… … … get me OFF this timeline, please I beg.
  9. Same!
  10. I fear Dr. Oz's low polling is another repeat of Trump's often deflated numbers from voter embarrassment.
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  11. It's going to be a close race, but he has the highest unfavorables of almost any candidate right now (separate from polling - Fetterman leads anywhere from 6 to 10 points in those). Fetterman's favorables is still positive. (Hillary and Trump's were both equally underwater at this point).

    Fav/Unfav (Oct 4)
    Fetterman 45/44
    Oz 34/51

    Oz cannot afford to take any major hits and this puppy murdering story is blowing up. He could drop well under 30 favorability in the coming weeks. Though the debate could also hurt John due to his still recovering auditory capabilities from his stroke.

    Shapiro could also help drag John over the finish line if it ends up being really close.

    Shapiro 46/31
    Mastriano 31/47
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  12. He's been on a roll lately, not gonna lie (I know this is all crumbs but I'm taking what I can get right now!)
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  13. If only they acted like they are 3 months away from an election all the time.
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