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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Some good news to lighten the mood a bit!
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  2. Do it in time for Beyoncé please!
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  3. If you’re not going to expand the court, the very least you could do Joseph is have the executive branch order the tax returns to be turned over to the legislative branch and fuck the judicial branch!
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  4. I just have to say, watching the mainstream media getting rock hard over the thought of a red wave / GOP takeover is so uncomfortable. I went on Politico for the first time in weeks and two thirds of the main page are articles about Republican momentum / normalizing far-right candidates / outright shitting on Dems. They want them to win so badly.
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  5. Andrew Cuomo was a secret Republican and got extremely spooked when (actual) Democrats finally took back the state legislature in 2018. He would still be there if they didn't.

    Also, it's actually insane how many corrupt Democrats sabotaged the party in 2010 with redistricting all over the country. In PA the insanely corrupt Dem house leader signed off on one of the most severe Republican gerrymanders in the country both on the state and congressional level for literally nothing in exchange!! Like???
  6. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I'm volunteering to be an election judge on the 8th! Mostly to distract myself from my deep deep existential fear but also to do something to help out - Chicago has reported a huge shortage of judges this cycle so any way to help underserved areas get the ability to vote.
  7. It's gonna be weird when Mastriano loses the governor's race but Oz gets elected to Senate.
  8. Y'all the next few days are going to be insane so I'm posting any good news I see to keep spirits up

    (Obviously things can change / E-day could see big R numbers, but D's seem motivated!)
  9. I think Dems will have done well but the Roe effect they hoped for will end up being weak amongst suburban white women, to give us the same 50/50 makeup.

    D-Hold: Nevada, Georgia (Run-Off)
    D-Gain: Pennsylvania
    R-Hold: Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Iowa
    R-Gain: Arizona

  10. screaming
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  11. I can't keep up with everything, but I just want Fetterman to win. And Summer Lee given the whole AIPAC fiasco.
  12. I really want Fetterman to min, if only for the schadenfreude I’ll feel towards all the Connor Lamb types I know IRL who secretly hate him and are waiting to feel vindicated nn
  13. I need them both to win, but it will really sting if Summer Lee loses. Like, of course the first potential Black congresswoman from Pennsylvania has to deal with this fucking bullshit.
  14. Those early voting numbers in Nevada per Jon Ralston.....


    Prayer circle for big mail-in votes this weekend girls or Cortez-Masto is in danger. On the plus side, the numbers don't seem to squaring with a massive red wave --- at least in Nevada.
  15. Double post, but the best pollster in the game is dropping tomorrow girlies...let's see what Queen Selzer has in store.

  16. I do think we have to be careful with mail-in ballot numbers. I think a lot of people prefer voting in person and even with how high Dems voted by mail in 2020, the data extrapolated from returned ballots was not predictive of most outcomes. Obviously higher numbers are great, and it's good that Dems seem to be requesting/returning them at much higher rates in many states than Rs, but we might just have to wait until election day. The issues we had in 2010/14 was low Democrat turnout and the best news right now is that does not seem to be the case so far.
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  17. I mostly agree with this but I think Mark Kelly is more likely to win vs Catherine Cortez-Masto.
  18. Is there a good chance we'll have to wait until a run-off finishes in Georgia to know who'll control the Senate? Sounds awful.
  19. Yeah, I don't think mail-in ballots indicates much of anything in late 2022. I would imagine a lot of votes were mail-in during the 2020 election because of the pandemic effect, and we're obviously in a very different stage of the pandemic now where fewer people are afraid to show up to their polling location.

    I'm personally waiting to vote in person. I like the experience. (And I want my sticker, dammit!)
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