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Can anyone quickly breakdown the House results for me? All I'm seeing is the 10 pickups for Republicans but the tone of this thread tells me this isn't bad.
The GOP have picked up some seats, but Dems have flipped some too. In addition to holding all of their tough seats in PA and MI, they are on track to flip New Mexico's 2nd district, Colorado's 3rd district (Boebert), and Washington's 3rd district. We also held onto Golden's seat in Maine and are currently holding all three Dem seats in Nevada. And to top it off, we also might outright win Alaska's seat even without RCV, with Mary Peltola outperforming her already stellar special election margins.

It's going to come down to NY and California.

Arizona Governor hasn't been decided yet, yeah?

Overall, any notable 2020 election deniers win Governorships or Sec. of State positions? That was a large source of my anxiety heading into this election.
Devastating, though not particularly surprising. I cannot believe it was so close. Barnes was a great candidate, but as we are seeing with every race in Wisconsin, the incumbency factor is an extremely powerful thing there. Dems preventing a R supermajority and holding all other statewide seats is pretty major, though.

It also shows the negative impact of when centrist Dems punch left and thus enable ticket splitting.

Barnes would be in Congress is every white surbanite who voted for Evers then also voted for Barnes.
The Catherine Cortez Masto race is giving me so much anxiety! I'm worried it's going to be ages until we know. Didn't Nevada take an eternity to call it for Biden in 2020?
Looks like Georgia is officially going to a runoff for the Senate race, it really is election/campaign time non-stop in the US huh?