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Popjustice Oscars 2022 (Results!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by scottdisick94, Mar 24, 2022.

  1. So this has been bandied about before but I don't think it's ever actually come to fruition.

    The concept is simple - we're the Academy, and this is us voting for who the winners should be. Not who we are predicting will win, but who we would actually vote for if we had the ballot in our hands. I'll announce the winners at some point on Monday Evening once the actual winners have been announced. I'll probably announce the runners up as well just for fun. (To confirm, this isn't to step on the toes of the thread that @Beginner does - this is a separate thing!)

    I've made a Google Form for you to place your votes. (You are able to vote multiple times, but please don't. In order to prevent multiple voting it would need you to sign in, which I don't want you to have to do. One vote per person!) I'm aware that this isn't how the Academy actually votes for Best Picture and they do a ranking system, but maybe we can do that next year. If you want to skip a category because you don't feel qualified to vote, please do. And in the spirit of the current Academy organisers, we're only gonna do Above The Line categories just because I'm lazy. Sorry!

    I've left it a bit late so apologies there isn't any fancy graphics or anything. Maybe this can be a trial run and next year I can try and do it a bit better.


    Best Original Song:
    No Time To Die - Billie Eillish
    Best Animated Film: Encanto
    Best Documentary Feature: Flee
    Best International Film: The Worst Person In The World
    Best Adapted Screenplay: The Power Of The Dog
    Best Original Screenplay: The Worst Person In The World
    Best Supporting Actress: Kirsten Dunst - The Power Of The Dog
    Best Supporting Actor: Kodi Smit-McPhee - The Power Of The Dog
    Best Actress: Kristen Stewart - Spencer
    Best Actor: Will Smith - King Richard
    Best Director: Jane Campion - The Power Of The Dog
    Best Picture: The Power Of The Dog
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  2. Okay so how do I Zegler myself into being able to present a category?
  3. Done! This was fun, thank you.
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  4. rdp


    Tempted to vote for Ms. Reba

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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

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  6. LTG


    You when you have to read out that Don’t Look Up’s won best picture

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  7. I have voted! Thanks for running this @scottdisick94, I do like to imagine how I’d vote in the real thing.

    Would be fun to maybe do our own nominations next year too, since I know we have better taste than the Academy.
  8. I thought this! We could deffo do that next year.
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  9. The way we are so predictable … we’ve got a couple of absolute runaway winners already. Any guesses in which categories?
  10. This will be Kirsten’s biggest win of the season surely
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  11. Uno


    Y’all better be giving King Richard the flowers it deserves!
  12. Results coming soon!
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  13. Best Original Song

    No Time To Die - Billie Eilish (39.5%)


    Runner Up: Dos Oruguitas - Lin Manuel Miranda
  14. Best Animated Film

    Encanto (27.3%)


    Runner Up: Flee
  15. Best Documentary Feature:

    Flee (60%)


    Runner Up: Summer Of Soul
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  16. Best International Feature Film

    The Worst Person In The World (43.9%)


    Runner Up: Drive My Car
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  17. Best Adapted Screenplay

    The Power Of The Dog (34.9%)


    Runner Up: Drive My Car
  18. Best Original Screenplay

    The Worst Person In The World (39.5%)


    Runner Up: Liquorice Pizza
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  19. Best Supporting Actress

    Kirsten Dunst - The Power Of The Dog (58.1%)


    Runner Up: Ariana DeBose - West Side Story
  20. Best Supporting Actor

    Kodi Smit-McPhee - The Power Of The Dog (46.5%)


    Runner Up: Troy Kotsur - CODA
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