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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nnnumb, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Pippy is amazing.
  2. Thank you! It's a very strange thing to hear over the internet.
  3. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I love how one is clearly the ditzy but loveable one and the other is the grumpy one with the heart of gold.

    I love how in that picture Toby looks like he's in a manga cartoon laughing!

    Apart from Zulma the Dog, I also used to have some fish (one of them was called Louis) and a hamster named Bieke.
  4. Maggie:


    Maggie after the groomers got a bit scissor-happy. Poor thing:

  5. That's me Marseilles - my parents' cat (and before that he was my cat, for 9 years!). He's very old now (you can see it in his eyes, literally), 14.5 years, but still very lively.



  6. To be fair, no one really liked Turts 2, he was just sorta...there....
  7. kal



    I don't know what these cats are called but I've wanted one for ages!
  8. My cat Jerry. He likes to get into weird positions.

  9. justabluefox

    justabluefox Guest

    This is cuteness overload! My cold heart can't take it!
  10. hehehe! Fluffy cat! I want ^_^

  11. Your pets have amazing names! Love it! (Especially Holly, Kendra, Bridget, Harry and William.)
  12. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Ohhh... Poor Turts 2... I've finally figured out who they remind me of!


    But turtles instead of mice obviously.
  13. Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

    This thread is the instant cure to sadness, depression, hunger and headaches.
  14. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

  15. He's goooooorgeous. A British Blue? They have the loveliest fur. This picture is also AMAZING.

    Isn't it odd how you can see age in the eyes of a cat? There's one near my parents (three legs, too lovely for words) and you can tell she's old, just be looking at her. An absolute pumpkin though, so friendly.

    Seriously though, I would have stolen him by now!
  16. He looks like someone else's cat from earlier in the thread! Was it Bob? (The cat's name, not the poster's).

    This thread cheers me up no end! I want to meet everyne's pets
  17. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I want them to fight crime together!
  18. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Dumper can be their lovable robot sidekick.
  19. Yes, it was Bob! Beautiful Robot's cat. Well, her Dad's. I love the fluffeh.
  20. Haha, thank you. I do like naming animals...
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