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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nnnumb, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Awww, my little Polo is famous (on The Vets Facebook anyway)

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  3. Sure is!
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  4. Reptar and I recently celebrated 3 wonderful years together.
    Can you imagine that when I found this beautiful creature, he was just sat on some lava rock, feral?
  5. SOooooo cute. I want this as actual house wallpaper.

    He's like a black cat fluffy marshmallow. Squeal.
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  6. Uno


    My buddy Nimbus.

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  7. Polo appreciates all the nice comments, I've been getting a Naomi Campbell attitude off him since he came back from the vets.

    Poor sod he had a painful pee a couple of days ago which scared him, but he is on special Urinary food to break up the stones in his bladder and I'm making sure he gets fluids.
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  8. This is my pooch. She's a 13-year-old Westie and she's my favourite dog in the world.

  9. My fave Sufjan has had some health problems recently. Took him to the vet after noticing a worsening limp and turned out he had an Aortic Thromboembolism. Our vet had only three cases last year and they all died. He recovered, followed by an enlarged kidney from the medication he was taking! But he seems to be all better now, back to his cuddly self.
  10. You people and your gorgeous pets! I've never been a big cat person but this lot is making me want to get one. And look at the classy old lady Westie. So cute.
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  11. Bowie Lodger teas, haha.
  12. Priceless WTF expression on Nimbus' face!
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  13. What a beautiful cat!
  14. @Eric Generic I’m guessing you’re not a dog person, haha!
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  15. Ha, not generally but some dogs are quite nice! The problem is, they're not cats.
  16. Facebook's On This Day feature reminded me of when I peaked in life:
  17. Does he not realise he's in the presence of greatness?

    (I'm talking about Bob's indifference to the legend next to him).
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  18. Diva boy Bob.
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  19. Two of my crew had a photoshoot done. The headshot is of my favorite girl Butter and the body shot is of my boy Baskin.

  20. These photos are beautiful. I just said "Oh my God" aloud as i scrolled down.
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