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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nnnumb, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Baskin has better hair than me.
  2. The photographer is a dear friend of mine and the best dog photographer in the world. She's incredible.

    And I brushed out about half of what he had. There was a whole other dog on the floor when I was done. B is HAIRY.
  3. I've had an awful afternoon. Polo has for a couple of days been licking his area more and been generally a bit off with me, then this afternoon he was leaning over as if his back end was heavy and he yelped at me when I tried to move him.

    So I ran him down the vet and it turns out he is/was completely blocked and unable to pee, so he required a catheter and an overnight stay with the vet, else he'd not make it that much longer... already I was beside myself, then I was told by the vet this will cost me £451 straight out!

    I didn't have the money, I don't have that kind of money. I'm just barely feeding myself, but I scraped together £170... they told me to try the PDSA. The PDSA wouldn't see Polo because he is usually seen by this other vet and it's a business thing????

    So my vet (reluctantly) allowed me a credit agreement to pay over three months the full amount, and Polo is having his treatment now. I truly felt like I was begging them to keep him alive. I'm so upset/angry by all this honestly I wanted to jump in front of a car when I was leaving the surgery.
  4. Just a follow-up post to that one.

    I had a phone call from the vet this morning, they said with his catheter in place he was peeing and it's clear! So, if after removing it he is able to pee on his own and all is fine, Polo should be able to come home at 2pm. It's going to be stressful from here on out and I'm praying this was a one-time thing, but I'm so grateful he is still here right now.
  5. He's sorta okay... We got him back yesterday afternoon after a 2-hour wait for him to be discharged. He has been given three types of medicine and special urinary care food (which he detests!).

    It was a real shock to see his arms, belly, neck and testicles completely shaved and the poor git wet himself coming back from the vet, so his back half was drenched!

    Today he has eaten some vet biscuits and he has peed overnight in his tray, but he just seems really quiet and sorry for himself and I'm basically worrying 24/7 at the minute.
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  6. Pull through Polo, legend!
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  7. Honestly after losing my last cat I promised myself I'd never have anymore pets as the grief and pain was/is almost too much to cope with, this recent trauma has just reminded me again, why.

    My brother basically abandoned this little guy and over the last couple of years he's become like my little shadow, so seeing him look so down at the minute is so painful. He's thankfully eating and drinking and I think while he was upstairs he peed under my bed (which means he is peeing so even though I'll be scrubbing away I'll be happy).

    I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bit, so I'm not stressing out.
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  8. Here we go again. Polo re-blocked this morning, he was only producing little drips of pee and was yelping when I was lifting him.

    I rushed him down to the vet surgery, only for them to refuse him treatment as I am already on a credit plan thing. So they drained his bladder with a needle and gave him a painkiller as I would then have to rush him to the PDSA...

    At the PDSA the woman basically said it's common for some cats to be prone to blockages and even changing diets and performing miracles won't prevent it, so if it keeps happening I would have to think of possibly saying goodbye to him as it's not fair on his little body to keep being put through this stress.

    They said they'd ring me later tonight to let me know how the surgery went, but I'm terrified as she warned me that if he is heavily backed up I would have to make a huge decision about his future well being. He was so sad and I feel just empty.
  9. They just rung me (early) and the op went well, his urine is running clear and they are leaving his catheter in now overnight. He is heavily sedated so they'll update me tomorrow morning.
  10. kal


    Aw that's heartbreaking. My cat went through something similar a couple years ago and my anxiety was through the roof. Thankfully he accepted the diet change and is going to be on urinary food (not exclusively) and filtered water for the rest of his life.

    I hope Polo will pull through.
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  11. Thank you!

    The vet phoned me again about twenty minutes ago and was basically in shock as Polo is running completely clear, he doesn't have any crystals and all seems fine. Apparently his issue is the spasming of the urethra and it holds him back from weeing properly?

    Basically they are keeping an eye on him overnight making sure he eats tomorrow, but it will be a canned grain-free diet from here on out and filtered water (like you mention) and anything to chill him out.

    - it's a huge relief for me, because I don't care if it's a little bit harder as long as he is still here and happy.
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  12. POLO BABE stay strong.
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  13. Apparently he still has his catheter in and it's still running clear and it's all grand, but he is refusing to eat. They feel he is being stubborn as he wants to come home... they have scheduled it that we pick him up at 5:30pm.

    But I'm unashamedly petrified about him coming back home as I feel out of my depth right now.
  14. kal


    Just keep an eye on him when he goes to pee. I'm sure you'll do just fine.
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  15. He's been back a few hours now, and he went to his tray within minutes of arriving back and peed. Then about thirty minutes later he went again. He also ate some of his urinary SO biscuits and wet food - and was gulping down the bottled water I put in his fountain! I'm hoping this is the start of us turning a corner!
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  16. My tortoise's and bearded dragon's instagram is doing quite well!
    Didn't know about this thread until today!
    Give them a follow if you fancy cute reptiles haha
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  17. Polo has been great since Saturday, he is still a fussy eater and drinker but he is peeing etc. Today though he was trying to get under my bed (though he does that anyway) and when he was using his tray he stood his back-half outside the thing and peed a little puddle on the floor.

    For three weeks I've been constantly in a state of worry, so I'm trying my hardest not to panic but I can't help it.
  18. ARRRRRGH! - Is my life right now.

    I had to take Polo to the PDSA again this morning as he was only peeing in tiny drips (and by my window not in his tray). The vet expressed the cat right in front of me... all this pee just flowing out!

    It's like he has a mental block or something?

    I swear this will finish me off.
  19. I was coming home from an appointment today and I saw a black cat by the side of the road, I thought it was taking a nap but then saw he wasn't moving much, and his tail and back legs were filthy, from dragging them.

    Long story short I called my boyfriend and we drove him to our vet. Turns out he got in an accident and has a disc that has moved / is traumatised? Luckily no spinal damage. He drunk some water and licked some food, but seemed dizzy and confused but not dying (like the people passing by on the street earlier this morning told me).

    He'll keep him on a drip till Monday and we'll see how we will proceed.
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