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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nnnumb, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. And really sweet too! He's the perfect boy.
    My human boyfriend is always jealous because I say Jack is the love of my life.

    I sound like a manic I know.
  2. Just wanted to give the update that Reptar is seemingly feeling much better though there are still some concerning potty habits (or lake thereof) keeping me hovering over the litterbox like some kind of feline fecalpheliac. He's going near it now. More to come (hopefully)...

    EDIT (41 minutes later)

    Guys, I think we're out of the woods!
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  3. Since I realized you can embed posts from tumblr, here's footage of Kiki

    The family's chihuahua being demanding.

  4. Update 2

    He went home last night, a girl I know adopted him.
    He needs help peeing (you gotta squeeze his urethra eeek) but we have faith it'll come back at some point and he'll be able to pee alone.

    Let's see.
  5. kal


    I love it when they do this.

  6. Guys I'm so torn and need some help.

    We have two dogs, white maltese, a male and female one (sibblings), they've been with us for 9.5 years and since they were puppies. I always had a more special bond with the male one but I love them both very much obviously.

    We noticed in December 2016 that the male one suddenly turned blind. It turns out he has a brain inflammation.

    Since then he's been in therapy, every 3-5 weeks he has to do chemotherapy by infusion. He is very brave and it hasn't spread out more. But the inflammation has destroyed his eye nerves so he'll always be blind.

    So he's been in therapy now for 19 months and we've changed medication several times (he needs to take a pill daily). He's been now with the same medication for about half a year cause he has no side effects.

    Every now and then we also did a brain scan, the problem is that nothing is going back. It has stabilized but the doctor is saying with everything we are doing the inflammation should go back and she can see that in the long run it will get worse if nothing changes.

    So we now have these options:

    - Stay with the same pill but also take cortisone
    - Change the medication
    - Do exposure to radiotherapy
    - To euthanize him

    I don't want to change medication and radiotherapy would only take 10 days but it would still be daily, exhausting and cost about 4'000 Euros. We've spent about 10'000 already I'd say with everything we've done.

    I would do the radiotherapy in a hearbeat if I knew he'd be much better after that but what if not? It's just wasted money and I have no clue how he'd be after that.

    I'd be ok with euthanizing him generally but I just don't know if it's the right moment right now. I mean he's gotten much quiter and is very introverted but there are still moments where I generally think he is happy. Maybe I just don't want to see the truth?

    Right now we think we will continue with the pill and cortisone and see in the next days how he handels this.

    And if he dies, there is the problem with how the other dog will handel this. She is very selfish but they've still been together their whole life. Should she come along?

    Sorry for the long post. I'm just thinking and can't make a decision right now..
  7. I'm so sorry to read this. I don't know if I have any real help to offer. I can only share my own experience on that last part. We had two Saint Bernards, brothers that have always been together. Never been separated for more than a few hours. One started to get seizures regularly since he was about one and a half years old. It was manageable and gradually they occurred less frequently, but still his body and organs were significantly weakened by the seizures and medication. His brother was immensely protective and always on edge to keep an eye on him. We had long speculated how the other dog would cope when his brother would pass away. Wondered if he would become lonely etc

    Then last October one morning the poorly one suddenly just could not get up anymore at all and we made the choice to euthanise him at five and a half years old. We did it at home, with his brother there beside him. But after the death of his brother, the dog has been doing absolutely fine. He doesn't seem to suffer from loneliness and he is actually a lot calmer since he does not have to worry about his brother all the time. So in that respect he is even doing better than before. And now we suddenly see characteristics of his brother in this dog, which is really sweet and fun. The brother that died used to be my 'favourite', but I love this one unconditionally too. He's my little baby despite weighing 220 lbs.

    I wish you lots of love and strength. And I am sure that whatever decision you make, will be the best for you and your dogs. But it is undeniably tough...
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  8. We've two cats. This guy is called Smokey, and he's very friendly and affectionate. His brother, Bandit, tolerates us for the food.

    This is Blue. He's about 7 years old, massive, but thinks he's still a tiny puppy.
  9. Thank you for sharing your story. Yeah I could see the other dog doing better once he doesn't have to worry about the other one and also being in the center of attention.

    Welllll we changed our minds and we are going through with the radiotherapy starting in a week. We want to make this one last push to be really sure we tried everything we could. So now we'll wait and see how that one goes.
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  10. We had to put our other dog down last year, and it was sad, but it really felt like the right thing to do. She'd had tumors when we rescued her from a puppy mill. Got them removed and all was well until suddenly she stopped eating, and a trip to the vet showed they had grown back.

    I have to say that for her rough life breeding litter after litter, she was the sweetest dog we've ever had. She would headbutt you if you stopped petting her. I was walking her once and her collar came off and she immediately stopped and waited for me to put it back on. Really changed my mind on having a Staffie as a pet.
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  11. My sister's dogs. The black one is my favourite, she's such a drama queen. We brought them to a national park a few years ago, and walked them in to have a paddle in the lake. The fawn dog loved it, couldn't get enough. The black one stood still in the water and glared at us until we lifted her out.
  12. Sooo cute!
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. As of today: they’re no longer living with us and instead are adopted by a nice friend of ours and I’m sad and feel like crying but it’s probably for the best

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  15. Earlier today I learned from my parents that our remaining dog, Doo, has passed away today. My parents are on holiday and my partner and I are joining them the day after tomorrow, so our dog was at his own holiday location. Not a typical kennel, but he had a small chalet and private fenced off yard where he (and his brother, when he was still alive) always went to when my parents and us went on holiday. He was a Saint Bernard, just over six years old. Heavy, but always healthy nevertheless. I suspect it was the constant heat and him being a large dog reaching an older age. It did come as a shock, even though I had a bit of gut feeling and gave him an extra big hug and said 'I love you so much' before he went on holiday. He was so sweet and I am heartbroken that my parents are too far away to say goodbye in person. I couldn't hug it out with my mum or dad and my boyfriend was, of course, called away because of a huge wildfire when the news broke. Thankfully my semi-grandparents (we're not related, but just very close to the family) dropped by just now so I could share my grief. Tomorrow my boyfriend and I will get the chance to say goodbye at the animal funeral home and then he will be cremated.

    I am really sad that we lost him today. His brother died last October after years of suffering from epilepsy and I still feel sad about that. And the month before that we had to say goodbye to our rescue cat who died of blood disease. This has been a crap year... I am hoping for a bit more luck.

    IMG_0893.JPG photo 2.jpeg IMG_4988.JPG
    My little babies... I raised them full time for their first two years, so even though I now live 25 minutes away they were still my sweethearts.
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  16. My 3 dogs




    Biscuit is 18 years old and we’ve had her since she was around 6 weeks old. Poppy and Ruby are both 3. We had Poppy off my Nan when Poppy was 5 months old and we got Ruby when she was about 6 weeks old after our previous German Shepherd, Annie, passed away
    Love my doggies so much

    I also have two Giant African Land Snails and some fish.

    Bonus: here’s another photo of Poppy because I love it so much
  17. Happy to hear this story turned out good in the end.

    I had the same experience last winter. I was back from work and had to change clothes and go to the course and then I felt that my older cat (Nina) was not around and when I checked him, he was just not reacting much (which is weird because he is such a character - he goes away and meows if he does not feel like it or directly jumps on me to be loved) so I felt that there was something strange. And then noticed that he had trown up a little and so called the vet. And it was after 7PM (mostly she is done after seven) but luckily the vet lady was still there and she picked up my call and I told her about the situation and she was concerned. gave me some instructions to check Nina's body and told me that it might be vital if it is about the crystals.

    Anyway in the end I was sure there was something wrong and I took her to the vet. And I was in shock because he was about to die and I had no clue.

    The urine that he could not let out had compassed all his body and inside he was all blood and urine.

    The operation took till midnight but we are so luck to have our lady vet (who became my hero after that day). And it took weeks for him to recover and even months actually considering we were occasionally taking him to veterinery and checking his fecal (hope this is the right word), what he eat, etc.

    But luckily and after a long and good treatment he is back to normal. But I will never ever forget that night and the feeling that he was sick and I did not get it.

    The doctor told me that it was understandable because the cats are not like humans. They do not talk or complain. So we should understand, check, feel.

    Nina is my best friend for the last two years and that day had a huge impact on my life. And I am so lucky to have him still.

    And another thing I learnt was that our vet was the best. She took care of Nina like her baby, tried everything. And in the end (like many other examples here in this thread) she made huge discounts for me and my boyfriend (as she knew how broke we were and how ready we were also to pay everything as long as Nina is fine).

    It is nice to see that vets like ours are everywhere, in different countries, and they really devote their lives to this - and this is something monumental and something that should be respected.

    P. S. The vet lady became my whatsapp bestie and she is so used to my late night messages (urine pictures dddd) and she thinks I became a concerned mother and chill a bit. Although my boyfriend is sure she is overcharging us (which is not true) (and my boyfriend thinks that everyone is overcharging him always ddd) I trust her 100%.

    This is Nina the day after her operations:


    And Nina last weekend:

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  18. Thank you for sharing Nina's story. I'm so glad he pulled through such a scary situation thanks to your vigilance and what sounds like excellent, compassionate medical care.

    Reptar hasn't quite been himself since that incident and we have had a series of subsequent health scares. The last few days he is on the ups but I am still concerned I could be doing more or am missing something. My budget is extremely restricted so at times I feel guilty I can't do more for him without a major cry for help from others. He's sitting behind my head trying to sneak up on my breakfast right now, so I think at least today I can breathe easy that all is well in catville.
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  19. Sending love to all the pets in here (and owners!)

    I tend to avoid this thread now as it makes me sad thinking about Polo. He was adopted last week after having 'reserved' wrote on his profile for a fortnight, so I'm guessing they felt he had found the right owners. It hurts so much that he isn't here with me but I just want him to live his best life and I'm praying he has found that now.
  20. What a bittersweet thread this is. So sweet to see everyones pet, but so heartbreaking to read some of these stories. I can't even imagine losing Chantal or Cindy:

    Schermafbeelding 2018-08-13 om 19.48.10.png
    Schermafbeelding 2018-08-13 om 19.47.21.png

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