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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nnnumb, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Your pets are all so beautiful! I wish I could hug them all!

    Yes i'm the strange guy who hugs other people's pets.
  2. My cat Olga died today. She was 13.

    We always knew it would happen suddenly as she had a heart murmur but it still shocks me how quickly this all happened. She was totally fine this morning and when I came home from work, she could barely walk and was struggling to breathe.

    I’m going to miss her so much. Please all give your pets an extra big hug for me.

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  3. An update, ten months later. She is utterly gorgeous, isn't she?
  4. Tribal Spaceman

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  5. This princess has been living with us since Monday. Her name is Julie. A woman, from whom my father got Julie from, found her in a box... in a rubbish bin. People are cruel, cruel disgusting pigs sometimes.

    She was very shy at first, hiding under my sister’s bed all the time but she read Vogue together with me today so I hopefully everything will be fine.

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  6. She is adorable!!
    People are trash, leaving pets on rubbish bins is absolutely cruel.

    I found my little black kitten in the same way as yours last year, and even though she was very shy at first, she got used to us in a matter of days. 10 months later, and now she believes she is the Queen and owner of the house!
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  7. This is so cute and full of hope:
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  8. It's the family dogs 5th birthday today so Happy Birthday Radley!

    As you can see, he likes the two squeaky toys I bought him.

  9. Had my 13 year-old Welsh corgi euthanised today; she would have been 14 in a week. Like stories some others have posted, I wasn't expecting her health to deteriorate so suddenly, but she was hyperventillating this morning, hadn't been eating her meals a few times lately (not like her), and had been coughing at night of late (which can be a symptom of heart problems). It sucks losing a pet. I wish they lived longer lives.

    Here she is a year ago:

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  10. I'm so sorry. She looks so happy and content in this picture -- you clearly took great care of her and gave her the best possible life a corgi could have!
  11. Thanks.

    I take it from the username you have a corgi/s too? This was the third one I've had.
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  12. No, just a big fan! I would love a corgi someday, but right now my pug and my puggle are more than a handful.
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  13. My dog decided to embark on a rescue mission when my BF was sailing a dinghy on a lake on Sunday and jumped straight in as the boat came close to shore, then seemed to remember he can't swim that well, struggled to get out and stank of duck shit for the rest of the day. He got a bath and is all fluffy now though.
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  15. I have a very lazy dog, she is completely happy if I walk her only for 5 minutes.

    Yesterday was such a sunny nice day that I took her for a long walk to the forest for about an hour in the afternoon. She slept for 8 hours after that without moving ddd.
  16. Getting a bit worried, Merlot's been pretty sick the last few days - bad diarrhoea, really sluggish, can't walk very well, even had one sort of shaking fit that hasn't repeated itself but it really scared me when it happened. He got some painkillers from the vet yesterday. Luckily he seemed a bit stronger today, ate some of this special food that's meant for dogs with upset stomachs, but he still couldn't really walk on his lead and still looks lethargic. We're getting his blood test back from the vet this evening, so fingers crossed it's nothing serious. (Hope not - he's 9 years old and this is one of the only major health scares he's ever had, so it got me really worried yesterday.)
  17. For a moment I thought both of your cats were named Liam.
  18. One of my dachshunds decided to SCREAM in the middle of the night and woke me up. I went to check on him and was understandably worried and terrified. I let him out of his kennel and he jumped on the couch and went right to sleep. He just wanted out of his kennel.......Turns out he was perfectly fine.
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  19. Stunt queen!
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