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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nnnumb, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Wonder if any queens would be able to give some advice, my boyfriend and I are currently watching my sisters cockapoo while she’s on holiday for a fortnight.

    We’re by no means experts and don’t have any pets of our own and by and large she’s extremely well trained and follows instructions really well. The only thing she’s been struggling with is bedtime, I’m off work at the moment so the two of us have been going to bed at different times and she will not leave the bed, I wouldn’t mind but there just isn’t enough room.

    I put her out into the living room but left the door slightly ajar so she could still hear us and know we’re still there but she ended up pacing up and down, repeatedly scratching the bedroom door and eventually crying. I ended up sleeping with her on the sofa but I wouldn’t want her getting used to this, especially since I go back to work in a couple of days.

    Do any dog owners have any tips for settling her down before bedtime and easing her into sleeping on her own? I can’t really yell at her at that time of night as we have people above us. Is this just something we’ll have to grin and bear or could we help her to feel more comfortable on her own?

  2. Grin and bear. Or move the sofa next to the bed.
  3. Lots of clicking and pointing worked with our dog, but if she's already been trained by someone else, odds are she's just doing what she does in her own home.
  4. Someone liked this old post of mine, looking at it now... all of these pets are dead and I am SAD. Thanks!
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  5. I know. My poor Henry (and the founder of this thread). Sigh...
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  6. I am sorry to have done that! I saw pictures of animals and just liked in quick fashion!!
  7. So I made her up a nice comfy bed next to ours with our t shirts, toys and treats and it honestly made the world of difference. Not a peep out of her all night! She just a clingy ho in truth.
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  8. I wouldn't worry. I can't speak for everyone but I love being reminded of Henry.

    His 'brother', Berty, is without doubt the most intelligent dog I've ever known. Evil genius dog.
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  9. IMG_0453.JPG

    What does he get up to? :)

    This is my Sunday giving Daddy a big cuddle by the way :) (terrible angle for me but she is as beautiful as ever!)
  10. Everything! You can actually tell what he thinking most of the time and see him working things out to suit his evil agenda. He copies human behaviour too. Such as refusing to travel in the back of the car and sitting like a person on the back seat.

    Sunday is a lovely name for a cat.
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  11. Neelix has had fleas for the first time ever (at 11 years old!) - traced it back to the family who rented out our house running a secret dog day care from there and Nee has acted as a bus bringing them back to where we live.

    Have had to pay to get two houses fumigated! The little fuckers are hardy as hell.
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  12. This is Rufelle and Teaspoon!..my little Dolls..they have dresses,bows the whole shebang...the sweetest girls!

    Attached Files:

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  13. OH MY
  14. I adopted a 7 month old stray kitten from a shelter a couple weeks ago and I'm spoiling her rotten, girlies. Wet food only, regular brushings, tons of toys... Itswhatshedeserves.gif

    Here's a pic of her wearing a silly bow after her first bath (I have since switched it for a more sensible collar with just a little quiet bell attached).


    I have named her Lana Banana.
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  15. Training a puppy to get ready for being alone is torture!

    I feel worse than Satan.
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  16. Update: she’s behaving like a shit today so now I don’t feel as guilty!
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  17. Oh my god.
    OH MY GOD.
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  18. Oh my god!
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  19. Mine ate two of my shows (some faux snake skin ones, taste! And a Stansmith pair, I’d have considered lost of she hadn’t left the green part uneaten) and a Feist CD when she was a puppy and first times alone. She became a good girl as soon as she turned one I think and nothing damages since.
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  20. I’m getting a walker/visitor to come and see her a few times a week while I’m at work, and I’ll be coming home for lunch breaks the other days (and refusing to stay late). I’m also getting another puppy this week so hopefully that companionship will be a benefit as well. I’m a teacher so I get shit loads of holidays, so I figured it would be fair to get dogs, but I still hate the thought of them being alone all that time.

    I think she wouldn’t be as bothered if I gave her free reign of a room when I leave but I’m having to put her in a crate because she’s so tiny (miniature dachshund pup) that I’m frightened she’ll get crushed under furniture or something. I bought the biggest crate possible and don’t plan on using it as soon as she’s grown a bit.
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