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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nnnumb, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. I think she’ll be fine outside the crate to be honest, she’ll play for half an hour and then sleep for five probably.
  2. I have a puppy cam on her (bad idea?) and it’s lots of whining for the first half hour at the moment. I’m sure she’ll gradually get better though and I’m hoping the addition of a buddy is also a distraction!
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  3. It’ll definitely help yes! We need photos.
  4. She has an insta account (yes I’m one of those people) so I’ll probably post it when I get the other pup.
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  5. Here's a shot of my baby. I wasn't a cat person (mostly because I am really allergic) until I met this one - borderline dog like at times.
  6. My friend's corgi, Stubby a.k.a. The Stubb (he was named by her five year old daughter, okay) is a beautiful and majestic creature:
  7. Okay so having 2 puppies is hard work!

    But when they actually stop fighting and snuggle together...


    Edit: okay so gifs don’t work on my iPhone but it’s Oprah crying
  8. The CGI in the Lion King was so real
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  9. For the fellow cat owners here, this is a real eye opening read about dry cat food. Not just this article, but the entire site. Give it a read if you want your cat to live a long and healthy life:


    Basically, even the cheapest wet cat food is better for them the highest quality premium dry one, so ideally that's what you should be feeding your cat. Or, even better and cheaper, but more work, a home made raw diet.

    Cats are supposed to eat meat (animal protein and fat, with little to no carbs) and get their water intake from food, and dry kibble is mostly composed of carbs or plant-based protein and is, well, dry.

    It makes no sense to feed this to our cats, but pet food industry's marketing and funding of vet schools is so pervasive that they have convinced most people to feed their little carnivores a corn based diet.
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  10. Literally just spent 10 minutes trying to take a selfie with one of my dogs after leaving the vet, only for him to constantly move and freak out every time I lifted my phone up like it was going to zap him or something. Every single pic he's blurry... cockblocking my likes on the 'gram. Stick with cats, y'all!
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  11. There was a stray doggo we fed every time we were at a nearby beach and every time I lifted my camera to photograph her she'd jump and move further with little jumps. Probably some cunt traumatised her but it was also so cute.
  12. My kitten won't go near dry food, and I don't blame him. Looks nasty as fuck. I even mixed it into his wet food once and he looked at me like what the fuck did you do so from that point I decided I'm not going to force him to eat it when wet food isn't that much of an expense.

    With that said, I'm starting a new job soon and I worry about how he'll get regular food throughout the day when I'm gone as now he relies on me to give him his wet food and I'm always available to give it to him while I'm out of work. Would appreciate advice from fellow PJ cat owners.
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  13. Mixing in a little of the nasty water from a can of tuna will go a long way of making the dry appetizing to your cat.
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  14. Any updates?

  15. Both my kids (lol) eat their dry food like it's their first meal in days. Done in 1 minute. And the dog eats salt-free Cardiac (which I was told other dogs prefer to starve than eat it) and the cat eats light food, also terrible or so I am told. I do breaks with canned too though.
  16. Mine is like that with the wet pouches even if I give him three a day he acts like I've starved him. Kids eh!
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  17. There are automatic timed feeders that work with wet food, though they are more common for dry.
  18. Alfie's Birthday today.
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