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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nnnumb, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. I want Jerry! Is he a special breed or something?
  2. We had one of these, called Pebbles, but she got a little tumour and had to be put down. It was sad, she was the most affectionate animal I've ever known.
  3. I just looked at my pictures on my laptop and my pictures of my pets have dissapeared!!
    I might try and get a pictutre of them later on.

    All the pets we've ever had have all had oh-so-original names, my brother always gets to name them being the youngest in the house so (off the top of my head) we've had:
    Max (beautiful cat, no longer with us)
    Spike (another cat)
    Smudge (and another one, Spike's mother)
    Spot (the cutest Beagle ever, will try and find a picture of him later because he was just gorgeous. Some bastard ran over him when he ran out onto the road and just carried on driving)
    And a few fish nowandagain but I don't think we ever get round to naming them

    We have two cats now: Maxwell and Garfield (again my brother named them, blame him for the crap names). Garfield is more a 'female' cat, he doesn't really like male attention but he can be nice when he wants to be. Maxwell is amazing all the time. If I ever come home for the weekend Maxwell won't leave me alone, he comes to wake me up in the morning by nudging my face and then follows me around, he jumps in the car sometimes if I'm ever going somewhere. He's broke a few pairs of my headphones but I always forgive him because he's just so cute.

  4. This just made me really sad. I already had a traumatising experience earlier when I was out doing driving practice with my mum and there was a very dead animal (I think a fox) on the road and I had to drive over it and I started crying (it was quite embarrassing but hurt/dead animals in any capacity have the ability to reduce me to tears any time). Poor Spot :( Something similar happened to my boyfriend's cat years ago (before I knew him) - oh God, I'm crying now - when his cat got run over on Christmas Eve and they found the wee thing the next morning and someone has written "Merry Xmas" in the snow next to him :(

    Sorry for bringing the happy thread down in tone. I'll post another picture of Flossie!

  5. I think I'm in love.
  6. I know everyone says this about their pets, but she seriously is the cutest dog in the world. And really stupid also, which makes her even cuter.
  7. I am a HUGE dog person. This thread makes me teary eyed because I hate not being allowed a dog in London. I see puppies on TV and they make me cry.
  8. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

  9. Same here. I'm in student accomodation in Cardiff so we can't have pets, which makes me so sad because I can't remember time in my life when we haven't had a dog. It's made worse by the fact that every morning on the way to uni we walk through this park where people walk their dogs, and we're so surrounded by them.
    Makes me pine for Maggie. She's all the way back home and I miss her.
  10. My kitten's being kept another night at the vets. :(
  11. Oh no! What's wrong with him/her?
  12. Well she has diorhoea, but she's had it for a few months now with no signs of stopping. We've tried all the recommended methods of dealing with it but...nothing. And now the vets are keeping her in another night to see how she does and do more tests etc etc and i'm worried sick. They're also saying she's far too small for her age.

    It may sound like i'm overreacting but I had a kitten for just over a year and she died last autumn. I get very worried about all of my animals.
  13. Absolutely everyone in the world worries about their pets, and no one ever begrudges a bit of overreacting about it - they're just so easy to get attatched to.
    I hope she'll be okay.
  14. My darling Sheltie Mandy:


    She's turning 14 next month and she's feeble and deaf, so who knows how much longer the poor thing has left :(
  15. [​IMG]

    Schmoo, in the backseat of my car.
  16. I've just found some more photos out! I'm excited.

    Here's Amy and Destroyer. I'm convinced that Amy thinks Destroyer is her baby, she's very motherly towards him even though he's a hamster!


    Here's one of Amy in bed. She has to sleep under her own little duvet on my parents' bed. Her eye isn't normally like that. I promise.


    This is Sam. He belongs to our next door neighbour. He spends more time at our house because he's in love with Amy and he's ridiculously stupid (he kept his clothes on all day), but that's why we love him.


    Finally, I found a photo of me (about 3 years ago I must add), holding a puppy. I have no idea who's puppy it is, but it's cute and it's in my house.

  17. That middle picture really did make me laugh out loud! All 3 of those dogs are gorgeous.
  18. Love the photos. Dogs in clothes are always entertaining, although Henry goes absolutely berserk if you try to put anything on him. I was still very tempted to buy him little shoes today.
  19. Dogs in clothes you say?


    Maggie in her Christmas jumper and scarf. I had to take them back a couple of days later because when you put the jumper on her she runs off upstairs and hides under the bed and won't come out until you go up there and crawl under the bed to take the jumper off (the only thing keeping her there in that picture is the peppermint cream in my mum's hand. Seconds later she got the biscuit then took it upstairs, under the bed). She's fine with the scarf though.
  20. Awwwww! Loving that picture.
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