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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nnnumb, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Mine would trick me into leaving my comfy seat so she can take over the desired spot. The fool that I am, I somehow always fail to spot her deviousness beforehand. I am officially her seat warmer.
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  2. I’m lucky - there’s a park nearby that’s safe for dogs, fenced and faraway from the road. So that helps. We typically play fetch with them to tire them out. The other trick we have is to spot a fellow puppy who’s happy to chase them around for a few minutes... tougher during COVID I know, but it does get easier.
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  3. Aaaah I can't resist those eyes though!
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  4. Have you tried kong toys? Also when out do you leave the radio on for him?
  5. We do everything advised for leaving alone bar buying another dog. The kongs are finished so quickly and and he’s clever and usually knows that when he gets one I go. Mild improvement over time but not the cure all people say it is. I leave TV on. As others said previously, apparently he’s just not a easy breed to be left alone. Despite acting like we don’t exist when outside!
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  6. I’ve accepted that I have the word “sucker” engraved onto my forehead. You?
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  7. I suppose they are usually part of a big pack. Maybe another older dog would help..
  8. Yeah my pup Kya is a beagle too and I haven’t left her alone at all really, I’m kinda worried about that. She understands bed time is sleep time, so nights haven’t been much of an issue. But if I even go to the toilet when she’s up and alert and lively during the day, she starts crying.

    The other thing I need to master is her actually coming when I call her name. She will always do it if I have a treat, but if she’s wandering around the garden she won’t come back if I call her. I imagine this would be the same if I let her off leash somewhere eventually. Anyone have any tips for teaching them to come back to you, so that you can let them off leash?
  9. They’ll get used to you going to the toilet eventually. Hector is fine/likes being in other room from me which is good I guess.

    Though getting him to listen / come back is my current nightmare, he was quite good cause all the training we did was essentially that! We have a wee garden we can left him off in so did loads of “come ons” as we called them, ha. Basically getting him to run back and forth between us when called and he occasionally got a treat for doing so. This was easier cause of having two people, but might work with your mother involved too? Not demanding really.
    As I say I think mine is now in the rebellious stage. He’ll follow us along paths on nice walks (and especially if he doesn’t know the place well, he’s more reserved), even if he only partially comes when called. It’s where he’s super confident of the area he feels able to bolt away.
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  10. When Neelix T. was about 3, I made the mistake of letting him off the leash on a beach and he ran up behind a large lady in grey sat on the ground, cocked his leg and pissed up her back. It was beyond mortifying. I think he thought she was a rock. She was understandably furious, though the guy with her was trying so hard not to laugh.
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  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Ignore her when she cries and don’t go back to her until she stops... but when you do go back, make a huge fuss of her (use treats and/or praise, depending on what she likes more). She will pick up that crying doesn’t change anything and that you always do come back and reward her for being quiet.

    There are some great books out there on training designed to cover situations like this. My favourite is Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy by Steve Mann, which saved me several times from tearing my hair out!

    Oh my GOD. I would have probably imploded from trying to suppress my laughter.
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  12. DEAD! That’ll teacher for looking like a rock. I think I would have dyed of laughter.
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  13. Wellington in New Zealand has a famous cat that has been given keys to the city!

    Now they have the number #1 song on itunes. The song is DREADFUL, but Mittens is an icon.

  14. So a couple weeks ago I adopted a wee baby hound (he turns 3 months old on Christmas), and I really just wanted to gush over him a bit, because he really is the most precious thing even if his favorite game is biting my hands until I ignore him dd. His name is Eeyore, and here's a picture of him featuring his stuffed lamb that he has already ruined by dragging it everywhere (he was in a litter of like 6 puppies who got abandoned by their mom, so they recommended getting him something to snuggle when he sleeps). He mostly has potty training down other than some accidents at night or while I'm at work, but we're still very much in the stage of wanting to eat/chew everything. Luckily, he hasn't really fucked anything up other than the one time he got into the toilet paper while I was in the shower.
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  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    He’s adorable!

    (Also, get him a bunch of puppy-safe chew toys and give him one of them every time he starts trying to eat/chew something he shouldn’t. It’ll divert the energy and save your hands!)
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    OMG Eeyore is the most perfect name!!!

    I really want to get another dog but in the meantime here's my cousin's pugs who I'm a little bit obsessed with, celebrating their 1st birthday!!

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  17. Bengal owners be like

  18. The second pic omg
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  19. cpr


    He looks just like my dog when he was a baby! He had a similar incident but instead of jam it was shit. ":("

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