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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nnnumb, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. It's been a while since I gave a Sufjan pupdate. He's getting huge.
  2. A dead body was found in a park where I walk Neelix sometimes (nothing suspicious, but sad as she was young) and a few days after there's a load of flowers and cards on a bench near where she was found and the dog decides that's where he's going to squat and drop. So embarrassing. I swear he does it for the attention.
  3. Didn’t know where to really post this but our cat has been wheezing a lot of the last few days. It sounds like he’s trying to cough up a fur ball but nothing comes out. My partner is taking our cat to the vet tomorrow and I’m low key preparing myself for the worst. He’s quite old and has some underlying health conditions that we have medicine for. But yeah, kinda sad, kinda anxious. They’re going to take a blood test tomorrow but we won’t hear about the results until next week after Easter. I really hope it’s not bad news.
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  4. My cat, who is 15/16 years old, started doing the same as yours a couple of years ago. I took her to the vet, she had some other issues too and we started treatment. Every winter she starts sneezing a lot again, and also having some issues breathing, and I can't take her to the vet all the time, so I just decided to let her be. Basically, it's been like 5 years since this started and she is still kicking and screaming haha, so have faith!
    I'll be crossing my fingers for you and sending you the best possible vibes!
  5. Ah thank you, this is reassuring. I’m gonna try and stay positive about it all but this next week is going to be tough with the waiting and no knowing the results. I’m gonna just spend as much time cuddling him as I can to calm myself down!
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  6. It sounds like cat asthma but that’s actually easily treatable if so. Honestly, cats are so resilient. My last cat went to the vet twice - once to get spayed and again to get her stitches out. She lived to 16!
  7. Our first cat lived to 20! But she had made a pact with Satan.
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  8. Thinking of you! Let us know how he goes x
  9. We’ve had to leave our cat overnight at an emergency vets for overnight observation. The initial vets we went to talked about putting him to sleep because his breathing was strained. BUT this strained breathing was brought on by the erratic cab drive there and our cat gets stressed in the car anyway.

    I’m not making excuses but I just need to clarify things. They said it can’t be asthma and have checked for fluid in his lungs and he’s all clear. They said that if they don’t call us overnight then that’s very good news so I’m praying to hear nothing from them until tomorrow. They said they will carry out an ultrasound to check his heart out and see if he needs further meds.

    so yeah, a shit day and a shit start to the long weekend.
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  10. tea


    That sounds very stressful, I hope everything gets clarified soon x
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  11. Hope everything’s ok with your kitty this afternoon and he made it through the night ok.
  12. Thanks everyone for the kind words. We didn’t get a call through the night which was a relief. But we’ve had an update this afternoon. He has heart disease and is panting a lot due to the stress of not being at home. They removed fluid that was built up in his heart and the vet said he’s doing better. They’re keeping him in again overnight to see if they can ween him off the oxygen tent he’s in and if he can breathe confidently on his own. They said tonight will determine whether he can go home tomorrow or now so yeah. Both my partner and I are crying a lot and I feel sick. This day really fucking sucks.
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  13. Okay update. We were able to bring our cat home yesterday as after his surgery he was able to move around easily and breathe without aid of the oxygen tank. The vets said he was showing no signs for concerns, so we could collect him.

    We brought him yesterday morning to a lot of tears and anxiety. He’s been super scared of us, I think we need to rebuild his trust again and make him feel comfortable at home again. Most of yesterday he stayed in a separate room to us and drank a lot of water. Late last night he suddenly jumped up on our sofa to sit on my chest and purred - cue the tears.

    He thankfully had a good night last night and we’ve managed to feed him SOME food. But I think he’s still a bit out of it and again, we’re giving him time to rest. Both my and my boyfriend keep crying because we’re worried about the worst but today he’s been a lot more active and agile. We just want him to get better, that’s all.

    I know this thread is normally a happy space where people share photos and stories of their pets. I’m sorry I’ve brought the mood right down the last few days.
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  14. @colouroffensive This is a place to share the good and bad so carry and don’t apologise, glad things seems to be getting better.
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  15. My dog is so horny he is sat whimpering on the floor, humping the air. And honestly, I'm just like "Same".

    Seriously though, I am a bit worried about him and might call a vet on the weekend. Has anyone else had the same issue with a male dog?
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