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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nnnumb, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Awww he is adorable.

    (Not youe dog having more followers than me)
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  2. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I accidentally stepped on my cat's tail this morning (she's fine she got breakfast immediately after) and I've felt terribly about it all day!
  3. Oh I do this all the time dd. The MEOWWW straight after.
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  4. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Its just so sad and devastating and then they’re okay immediately after and IM NOT.
  5. The worst is stepping on their paws nn. They're basically made of jelly so they're fine.
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  6. My dog had us up all through the night throwing up. He wouldn't like down at all as it seemed too uncomfortable for him, so was standing around trying not to fall asleep.

    Took him off to the vet where he got a couple of shots to remove the nausea and any pain, and now he seems really stoned, but still showing little interest in much, seems to be dozing a little though.

    He's 14 so we're faced with the reality that one of these times he's not going to recover.
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  7. I hope he’s better now. These situations are the worst because they’re so helpless and can’t tell us what is wrong.
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  8. Thanks! He's ...okay.

    The vet neglected to tell us that him being high on his meds was expected, as he wasn't snapping out of it. This morning he's started eating more, got a bit of spark in his eyes, but still very slow moving and not interested in doing much. Poor ol' thing.
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  9. Oyyy doggy relapsed and is now in the animal hospital for the night. They think he’ll be ok to come home tomorrow but it’s a knife to the heart watching him suffer.
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  10. Our cat’s breathing has become properly erratic and it looks like he’s constantly gasping for air. We’ve decided to put him to sleep tomorrow. 2022 is already off to a shit start. I lost my family cat 4 months ago. My heart just fucking hurts.
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  11. That’s awful, I’m so so sorry. We just lost our dog on the 29th as he’d been progressively getting more sick for the last few months and he was put to sleep. It’s so painful and heartbreaking, and just horrible timing.
    Really am so sorry, sending love to you and your family.
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  12. Thank you for your kind words.

    We ended up putting him to sleep tonight. He wasn’t comfortable at all, so it was the merciful thing to do. I’ve lost two cats in 4 months. I hate everything.
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  13. Neelix is back in animal hospital for the night, pending a scan tomorrow. We're steeling ourselves for the worst.
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  14. Hoping for the best for you, sending good energy and vibes.
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  15. Neelix is back home again, tripped out on codeine. They had to shave around his belly to scan him, so he looks like a partly plucked turkey for now.

    The bills are astronomical though. If the insurance company bounces it I'll have to sell some shit.
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  16. Glad to hear he’s safely at home, it’ll make him feel a lot better being in a familiar space. When my cat had his surgery he was out of it for 3 whole days and then once it wore off he started meowing into the ether like he’d just come out of a coma.

    Agreed about the bills, it’s shocking just how much it can all add up. Gah I wish there was an animal version of the NHS!
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  17. How is he doing? Had to send my Scottie to the vet for a minor skin issue recently and that alone was nerve wrecking. Hope he’s ok x
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  18. He was fine until last night when he threw up again, but it was at the end of his course of meds, so we've asked for a continuation. Other than that, a little slower walking, a little feeble and unsteady (he slips over on the non-carpeted floor a fair bit) - but we can attribute a lot of that to his years. I'm fairly sure this'll be his last one.
  19. It’s heartbreaking to watch them get increasingly feeble. But he’s lucky to have you guys. I’ve said goodbye to too many puppies, and will have to steel myself when my go (won’t be for a few years, but I’m already fretting). Hang in there.
  20. Last night my bf and I adopted a dog. I've been wanting this for so long and now I'm terrified (in a good way) it's actually happening. We're picking him up from the shelter on Friday, can't wait to show some pictures but he's going to have the cone for a bit because he's getting fixed tomorrow.
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