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Popjustice Retrochart - April 1983 - w/e 23/04/83

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by phoenix123, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. 09 [​IMG] 11 Words F.R. David 260

    Entry: 29/01/83
    Peak: #9
    Weeks: 6
    Chart run: 91-out-out-out-out-out-out-out-50-34-17-11-09

    @cityofdoomsday N/A
    @Eric Generic #32 [​IMG] 33
    @Hairycub1969 #4 [​IMG] 6
    @phoenix123 #7 [​IMG] 12

    A massive hit in Europe in 82/83 F.R. David is finally in the top flight.
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  3. 07 [​IMG] 09 Love Is A Stranger Eurythmics 286

    Entry: 13/11/82
    Peak: #7
    Weeks: 20
    Chart run: 133-52-48-41-36-41-44-46-58-55-56-66-72-72-79-71-94-95-113-134-137-24-09-07

    @cityofdoomsday N/A
    @Eric Generic #5 [​IMG] 6
    @Hairycub1969 #7 [​IMG] 22
    @phoenix123 #5 [​IMG] 11

    A second outing for Eurythmics who climb two places.
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    06 [​IMG] 24 Overkill Men At Work 286


    Entry: 09/04/83
    Peak: #6
    Weeks: 3
    Chart run: 49-24-06

    @cityofdoomsday #28 [​IMG] 41
    @Eric Generic #31 [​IMG] 34
    @Hairycub1969 #17 [​IMG] 30
    @phoenix123 #42 NEW

    Men At Work ease into the top ten with a high climber after just 3 weeks charted.
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  5. 05 [​IMG] 04 Is There Something I Should Know Duran Duran 288

    Entry: 26/03/83
    Peak: #4
    Weeks: 5
    Chart run: 05-04-05-04-05

    @cityofdoomsday N/A
    @Eric Generic #6 [​IMG] 3
    @Hairycub1969 #8 [​IMG] 4
    @phoenix123 #1 SECOND WEEK AT NUMBER ONE

    Duran Duran are back down a spot yet again and seem unlikely to rebound.
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    03 [​IMG] 15 Blue Monday New Order 300


    Entry: 19/03/83
    Peak: #3
    Weeks: 6
    Chart run: 23-20-15-15-15-03

    @cityofdoomsday #43 NEW
    @Eric Generic #27 [​IMG] 20
    @Hairycub1969 #18 [​IMG] 24
    @phoenix123 #16 [​IMG] 20

    New Order have a healthy chart climb of 12 places into the top three!
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  8. 02 [​IMG] 02 Let's Dance David Bowie 365

    Entry: 26/03/83
    Peak: #2
    Weeks: 5
    Chart run: 06-03-02-02-02

    @cityofdoomsday #24 [​IMG] 34
    @Eric Generic #1 SECOND WEEK AT NUMBER ONE
    @Hairycub1969 #3 [​IMG] 1
    @phoenix123 #11 [​IMG] 6

    David Bowie is runner-up for a third week as the gap to the top widens a little - could he lose out on getting another chart topper?
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    01 [​IMG] 01 Beat It Michael Jackson 375


    Entry: 26/02/83
    Peak: #1 (2 weeks)
    Weeks: 7
    Chart run: 202-162-75-43-35-33-03-01-01

    @cityofdoomsday #23 [​IMG] 26
    @Eric Generic #2 [​IMG] 4
    @Hairycub1969 #1 [​IMG] 3
    @phoenix123 #3 [​IMG] 5

    Michael Jackson extends his run at the summit to eight consecutive weeks with his last two singles! He reaches a cumulative total of ten weeks at number one on the retrochart, more than any other solo artist. Only ABBA have managed as many weeks. If he remains on top next week he will have topped the chart for more weeks than any other act.
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  11. Chartfile w/e 23rd April 1983
    Michael Jackson holds onto Number One for a second week with "Beat it" as David Bowie gets stuck at Number Two with "Let's Dance"! Climbers inside the top ten include New Order, Culture Club, Men at Work, Eurythmics (Love is a stranger) and FR David. Tracey Ullman is stuck at Number 8 and heading down are Duran Duran and Eurythmics (Sweet Dreams) - it's a very strong top ten and there are some more strong songs from Spandau Ballet, The Human League and Heaven 17 which could enter the top ten next week! Stay tuned!
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  12. If not next week, sometime in 2020, we will find out if Let's Dance can knock out Beat It! I could look up the thread to calculate points but, the tension builds with not knowing the final outcome.
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  13. Apologies to have fallen so far behind on the combined retrochart. After a small focus group discussion I've decided to take a hiatus and pick this up again in April. In the meantime I will run down the top singles of 1980, 1981 and 1982 as decided by Popjustice and tidy up the Retrochart vault.
  14. Not long to go now - next month we'll find out if David Bowie's "Let's dance" will toppled Michael Jackson's "Beat it" - and can the following records crack the top ten?
    Spandau Ballet - True
    Heaven 17 - Temptation
    The Human League - (Keep feeling) Fascination

    Stay tuned as @phoenix123 returns! my lips are sealed upon his return!
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