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Popjustice Retrochart - December 1982 - w/e 04/12/82

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  1. Number 45 up from 48 go The Pale Fountains and "Thank you":
  2. Number 44 - new entry for Phil Collins who covers The Supremes' "You can't hurry love" - with a video featuring three Phils!:
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  3. Number 43 up from 50 go The Cure and "Let's go to bed":
  4. Number 40 - new entry for Donna Summer and the Patrick Cowley (RIP) remix of "I feel love" - this is going down big time at "Heaven" nightclub in London!:
  5. Number 33 up from 40 are Bucks Fizz with their seventh single "If you can't stand the heat":
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  6. Number 32 up from 36 we find Adam Ant with his new single called "Desperate but not serious" - is he heading for the dumper?
  7. Number 31 - new entry for The Beat and from their latest album comes the excellent "I Confess":
  8. Number 28 up from 30 go Madness with "Our House":
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  9. Number 26 - new entry for Soft Cell who return with "Where the heart is":
    "Father never understands when children have the upper hand...."
  10. Number 25 up from 37 are Shalamar and hit number four from the album of the same name "Friends":
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  11. This week's highest new entry on the UK Mainstream chart is straight in at Number One - however on the HMV Retrochart it enters at Number 22: The Jam and "Beat Surrender":
  12. Number 19 up from 33 go Ultravox and "Hymn" - their second single from their new album called "Quartet" - the video starts off with the ending of their last single "Reap the wild wind" on the big screen!

    There's a cover version by Cabllero that was constantly on during my gay sauna days!
  13. Number 10 - it's taken them 6 weeks to reach the top ten (45-34-22-17-13-10) and now Icehouse join INXS and Men at Work their fellow Aussies who both recently reached the HMV Top ten this year!
    This is "Great Southern Land":
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  14. Number 7 up from 15 go Blancmange who also get their first top ten hit with "Living on the ceiling" - and it's a bloody cuckoo tree!
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  15. HMV Retrochart
    W/e 5th December 1982
    TW LW WoC HP Title Artist Mstream UK

    1 1 3 1 MIRROR MAN The Human League 2
    2 3 8 2 YOUNG GUNS (GO FOR IT) Wham! 3
    3 4 6 2 MANEATER Hall and Oates 21
    4 7 5 4 STATE OF INDEPENDANCE Donna Summer 19
    5 9 5 5 WISHING (IF I HAD A PHOTOGRAPH OF YOU) A Flock of Seagulls 11
    6 2 10 1 MADWORLD Tears For Fears 15
    7 15 6 7 LIVING ON THE CEILING Blancmange 7
    8 25 2 8 TIME (CLOCK OF THE HEART) Culture Club 9
    9 12 4 9 RIO Duran Duran 10
    10 13 6 10 GREAT SOUTHERN LAND Icehouse N/A
    11 6 6 4 SEXUAL HEALING Marvin Gaye 12
    12 14 4 11 SOMEONE SOMEWHERE (IN SUMMERTIME) Simple Minds 57
    13 5 6 5 LET ME GO Heaven 17 60
    14 18 6 14 DON'T CHANGE INXS N/A
    15 11 6 10 WHO CAN IT BE NOW Men at Work N/A
    16 10 5 7 THE GIRL IS MINE Michael Jackson & Paul Mcartney 24
    17 8 8 3 I DON'T WANNA DANCE Eddy Grant 4
    18 24 5 18 SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE Thomas Dolby N/A
    19 33 2 19 HYMN Ultravox 16
    20 21 3 20 THE OTHER SIDE OF LOVE Yazoo 14
    21 22 6 21 I.G.Y. (WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WORLD) Donald Fagen N/A
    22 NEW 1 22 BEAT SURRENDER The Jam 1
    23 27 4 23 TALK TALK Talk Talk 23
    24 26 6 24 IT'S RAINING AGAIN Supertramp 27
    25 37 2 25 FRIENDS Shalamar 25
    26 NEW 1 26 WHERE THE HEART IS Soft Cell 32
    27 29 4 27 BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES Modern Romance 18
    28 30 2 28 OUR HOUSE Madness 17
    29 23 3 23 YOUTH OF TODAY Musical Youth 13
    30 38 3 30 TRULY Lionel Richie 6
    31 NEW 1 31 I CONFESS The Beat 71
    32 36 2 32 DESPERATE BUT NOT SERIOUS Adam Ant 33
    33 40 2 33 IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT Bucks Fizz 37
    34 20 7 9 I CAN'T HELP MYSELF Orange Juice N/A
    35 16 13 1 DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME Culture Club 30
    36 41 3 36 GOING HOME Patrick Cowley N/A
    37 28 8 14 OOH LA LA LA (LET'S GO DANCING) Kool and the Gang 28
    38 17 7 4 HEARTBREAKER Dionne Warwick 8
    39 42 3 39 LOVE IS A STRANGER Eurythmics 54
    40 NEW 1 40 I FEEL LOVE (PATRICK COWLEY REMIX) Donna Summer 42
    41 19 7 6 THE DAY BEFORE YOU CAME Abba N/A
    42 31 5 31 STRANGER Shakatak N/A
    43 50 2 43 LET'S GO TO BED The Cure 44
    44 NEW 1 44 YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE Phil Collins 52
    45 48 2 45 THANK YOU The Pale Fountains 48
    46 NEW 1 46 BUFFALO GALS Malcolm McLaren 38
    47 35 11 1 PASS THE DUTCHIE Musical Youth 73
    48 NEW 1 48 LET'S GET THIS STRIAGHT FROM THE START Dexys Midnight Runners 35
    50 NEW 1 50 UNCERTAIN SMILE The The 74

    It's taken them 8 weeks (49-46-41-40-15-5-3-2) and now Wham! are up to Number two with "Young guns (go for it)" - can they make it to the summit next week?:

    The Human League make it two weeks at Number One this week with "Mirror Man":

    The Human League make it two weeks at the top with “Mirror Man” – musically their tribute to Motown and Lyrically – is it really about Adam Ant? Talking of Adam Ant – he climbs four places this week from 36 to 32 with “Desperate but not serious” – can he make the top ten? Meanwhile climbing up the top ten this week are Wham!, Hall and Oates (rebounding), Donna Summer, A Flock of Seagulls, Blancmange, Culture Club, Duran Duran and Icehouse. The former Number One from Tears for Fears is the only single going down inside the top ten this week! A very strong top ten!
    The longest runner on the HMV Retrochart is “Do you really want to hurt me” by Culture Club which falls to Number 35 after 13 weeks on the HMV Retrochart.
    The Jam have announced that they’re splitting up. Their final single “Beat Surrender” enters the mainstream UK Chart at Number One but in the HMV Retrochart it completely misses the top ten and enters at Number 22. Their consolation prize is that they’re still the highest new entry this week!

    Next Week could see new entries from:
    Kool and the Gang, Abba, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Imagination, The Maisonettes, Dionne Warwick and Rene and Renato – stay tuned!
  16. 1982 - The Stats:

    The Number Ones:
    W/E Artist Title

    02-Jan-82 The Human League Don't you want me
    09-Jan-82 Dollar Mirror Mirror
    16-Jan-82 Dollar Mirror Mirror
    23-Jan-82 Kraftwerk The Model
    30-Jan-82 Kraftwerk The Model
    06-Feb-82 The Men I don't depend on you
    13-Feb-82 The Jam A town called Malice
    20-Feb-82 The Jam A town called Malice
    27-Feb-82 The Jam A town called Malice
    06-Mar-82 ABC Posion Arrow
    13-Mar-82 ABC Posion Arrow
    20-Mar-82 The Associates Party Fears Two
    27-Mar-82 The Associates Party Fears Two
    03-Apr-82 Dollar Give me back my heart
    10-Apr-82 Dollar Give me back my heart
    17-Apr-82 Bucks Fizz My camera never lies
    24-Apr-82 Bucks Fizz My camera never lies
    01-May-82 Elton John Blue eyes
    08-May-82 Elton John Blue eyes
    15-May-82 Yazoo Only You
    22-May-82 Yazoo Only You
    29-May-82 Madness The House of fun
    05-Jun-82 Madness The House of fun
    12-Jun-82 Adam Ant Goody Two Shoes
    19-Jun-82 Adam Ant Goody Two Shoes
    26-Jun-82 The Associates Club Country
    03-Jul-82 The Associates Club Country
    10-Jul-82 Irene Cara Fame
    17-Jul-82 Irene Cara Fame
    24-Jul-82 Irene Cara Fame
    31-Jul-82 Irene Cara Fame
    07-Aug-82 Irene Cara Fame
    14-Aug-82 Yazoo Don't go
    21-Aug-82 Yazoo Don't go
    28-Aug-82 Duran Duran Save a prayer
    04-Sep-82 Duran Duran Save a prayer
    11-Sep-82 Duran Duran Save a prayer
    18-Sep-82 ABC All of my heart
    25-Sep-82 ABC All of my heart
    02-Oct-82 ABC All of my heart
    09-Oct-82 Musical Youth Pass the dutchie
    16-Oct-82 Musical Youth Pass the dutchie
    23-Oct-82 Culture Club Do you really want to hurt me
    30-Oct-82 Culture Club Do you really want to hurt me
    06-Nov-82 Culture Club Do you really want to hurt me
    13-Nov-82 Tears For Fears Madworld
    20-Nov-82 Tears For Fears Madworld
    27-Nov-82 The Human League Mirror Man
    04-Dec-82 The Human League Mirror Man

    The Number Twos:
    Artist Title Peak

    Foreigner Waiting for a girl like you 2 weeks in Jan
    OMD Maid of Orleans 1 week in Feb
    Soft Cell Say Hello, Wave Goodbye 1 week in Feb
    Haircut 100 Love plus one 1 week in Mar
    Imagination Just an illusion 2 weeks in Mar/Apr
    Roxy Music More than this 1 week in Apr
    The Beat Save it for later 2 weeks in May
    Shalamar A night to remember 2 weeks in Jul
    Dollar Videotheque 2 weeks in Jul
    Asia Heat of the moment 1 week in Aug
    Survivor Eye of the tiger 2 week in Aug/Sep
    Shalamar There it is 2 weeks in Sep/Oct
    Ultravox Reap the wild wind 2 weeks in Oct
    Hall and Oates Maneater 1 week in Nov
    Wham! Young guns (go for it) 1 week in Dec - so far
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  17. I didn't expect Wham! to be performing better on anyone's chart at this stage let alone @Hairycub1969's chart!
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  19. I shall look forward to seeing which singles you favour!
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  20. EG's TOP 40 RETROCHART: Week Ending 4th December 1982


    EG's Chartdust: They did it; Blancmange finally overcome The Human League to score their first EG Retrochart #1. Whether they manage to remain there for very long is another matter, as Madness surge 11-3, Bucks Fizz climb 13-5, Culture Club waste no time in moving 18-7, and even The Jam's parting shot (Beat Surrender) has an outside chance, debuting at 9.
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