Popjustice Retrochart - January 1980 - w/e 26/01/80

Retro chart for w/e 26th Jan 1980

The Pretenders have done the hatrick - three weeks at number one now with "Brass in pocket" - it's hard to tell if they can be toppled next week but could The Specials be in with a chance - they've got the highest new entry at number 11 with "Too much too young". Number's two to four are all climbing but aside from Fleetwood Mac, both "No more tears" and "Rapper's delight" peaked in Dec 1979 on the UK mainstream chart and have long since left the top ten there!
There were some mainstream UK top ten hits that didn't get a look in the Retro chart during January 1980:

Peaking at number 3 were Fiddler's Dram and "Day trip to Bangor" er….I guess our "Retro" club didn't fancy it???

Billy Preston and Syreeta's "With you I'm born again" spend two weeks stuck behind The Pretenders at number 2 in Jan 1980 but our Retro club weren't impressed - it was a minor hit in some regions but nowhere on the Retro Top 100:

Damn, maybe I should start listing The Cramps after all? I've been resisting only because I've had a hard time thinking of my five-song 12" maxi-EP as a single -- but then again, it sure seems to have been listed in the record stores' own indie charts, so...
I wish I could find some old NME Indie charts online. I've looked high and low, but nothing! (Well, five minutes on Google is the same thing, no?).

And I told you I was right on Dave Kennedy haha.
Haha yeah I know, it's just even more useful for me to know a more exact release month at least, so i'll know when the six months are up and I can drop the song (as otherwise my chart would grow too stagnant too soon).

But jeez, I had no recollection of how clueless an NME reviewer like Paul Rambali could be about the new, harder kind of punk that was beginning to rear its head at the turn of the decade:
The Kennedys seem too genuinely ignorant of even the finer graces of punk rock; they sound like the only thing they truly hold in awe is Black Sabbath's early records. If at times their music resembles Peter Hamill's 'Ricky Nadir' this is purely by accident. it is just about uncouth and sub-heavy metal enough to garner a following the hordes of neophytes looking for something that passes for outrage in this complacent age, even though what might shock the Sunshine State will seem merely quaint to us.