Popjustice Retrochart - March 1984 - w/e 17/03/84


Entry: 12/11/83
Chart run: 199-59-47-46-41-39-41-43-34-15-12-14-07-07-08-06-06-06-07

@cityofdoomsday #9
@Eric Generic #25
@Hairycub1969 #18
@phoenix123 #62

Narrowly misses out on a month at its #6 peak and slips out of the UK top 20 this week.


Entry: 25/02/84
Chart run: 161-126-12-04

@cityofdoomsday #35
@Eric Generic #11
@Hairycub1969 #23
@phoenix123 #15

Richie is back with a third self-penned single from current album Can't Slow Down. It had a staggered transatlantic release which sees a rise 37-26 in the US this week and a stellar climb of 25-5 in only its second week charted in the UK. The album remains in the UK top ten after almost 6 months on release.

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In honour of the legendary Margarita Pracatan who died last year, here is her classic rendition of our hottest top ten hit of the week!

Haaallllooooooooaaaaaa isitmeyoooo lookinfooooowwwwwaaaaa
Chartfile w/e 17th March 1984
Congratulations to Nena who make it three weeks at the top with "99 Red/Luft Balloons"! Meanwhile Van Halen get stick at Number Two with "Jump" also not moving this week are Queen (3) and Nik Kershaw (9)
Climbing inside the Top Ten are Lionel Richie and Bananarama. Heading down are Rockwell, The Re-Flex, Shannon and Kool and the Gang. Can Hall and Oates, Sade and The Weather Girls crack the top ten next week? only @phoenix123 has the answers - stay tuned!
Yes it made top twenty in April 84. I’ve always thought it was odd they released Borderline in US and Lucky Star in Europe as follow ups for Holiday but they probably made the right choice going with Lucky Star in UK as Borderline was released a few months later and flopped.

I’ve always wondered when the videos were made for each but given she had even filmed Like A Virgin by August, I’m assuming videos were ready for both singles by March (and Lucky Star was filmed first?).

It was only in the last few years I realised quite how late in 84 Lucky Star was released in the US. I think it peaks in Oct/Nov just as Like A Virgin is released, they obviously couldn’t wait any longer!

Hence Lucky Star precedes Borderline on the chronological Immaculate Collection.
What is odd about Borderline, it stalled at #10 in the U.S. but spent 15 weeks in the top 40, longer than any other Madonna song during the 80's, even Like A Virgin which spent 7 weeks in a row at #1 didn't spend 15 weeks in the top 40.