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Popjustice Retrochart w/e 10/04/82

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  1. 07 [​IMG] 17 My Camera Never Lies Bucks Fizz 398

    Entry: 27/03/82
    Peak: #7
    Weeks: 3

    Chart run: 22-17-07

    @BattlebornAl #2
    @cityofdoomsday N/A
    @Eric Generic #1 [​IMG] 3
    @Hairycub1969 #2 [​IMG] 8
    @Ironheade N/A
    @phoenix123 #1 [​IMG] 2

    All five of Bucks Fizz's releases have gone top 20 since their debut but none has come close to beating the #5 peak of their debut single. It's difficult to see how this can progress much further though, as it is already top two in four of our charts.

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  4. 04 [​IMG] 09 See Those Eyes Altered Images 462

    Peak: #4
    Weeks: 3

    Chart run: 16-09-04

    @BattlebornAl #4
    @cityofdoomsday N/A
    @Eric Generic #5 [​IMG] 9
    @Hairycub1969 #12 [​IMG] 22
    @Ironheade #12 [​IMG] 18
    @phoenix123 #10 [​IMG] 16

    Altered Images match the peak of previous single I Could Be Happy but have their sights set on repeating the success of their debut Happy Birthday which spent a month in the top 3.
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  9. Great fun watching this unfold. Dollar were robbed. ROBBED I tell you!!!!

    If it's any consolation they're sort of #1 as the Graham Broad drums on Poison Arrow were lifted from a Dollar session because he couldn't make the recording!

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  10. Chartfile w/e 10th April 1982:
    ABC make it four weeks at the summit with "Poison Arrow" but climbing up behind them are Roxy Music, Dollar, Altered Images, Visage, Bucks Fizz, Elton John and Imagination - that's 7 climbers inside the top ten. Gary Numan and The Jam head south. There's some great records just outside the top ten - watch out for A Flock of Seagulls, Simple Minds, Japan, Bananarama & Fun Boy Three and Haircut 100 as they all could make the top ten soon - stay tuned!
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  11. I was always surprised that Damned Don't Cry didn't make the UK top 10 being a lead single. I was even more surprised that he didn't perform it on the Here And Now tour, singing the minor hit Pleasure Boys instead. I was probably the only person in the arena who had the single.
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  12. "Pleasure Boys" will be a Retrochart hit for me this November - celebrating the infamous "The Anvil" nightclub in NYC!
  13. For me it's Night Train. That's in my all time top 10 songs.

    Midge Ure HATED the single remix.
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  14. "Visage" the single remix is my fave Visage moment - it was Number one on my Retrochart last Summer (August 1981)!
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