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Popjustice Song Contest 117 - Results concluded!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Derek, Jul 30, 2022.

  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome to Popjustice Song Contest #117!

    What is PJSC?

    Will my song be vetoed?

    How do I vote?

    Tentative schedule:
    Submission: July 30 - August 6
    Voting: August 7 - August 26
    Results: August 27/28

    Submit HERE by Saturday, August 6
  2. For a little side game, I've decided to steal @iheartpoptarts's idea and create another game of "Which PJSC Song Has This Word In Its Lyrics?"

    But this time, I'm turning it from a cooperative game into a competition!

    There are 20 words/names below, and for each one, your goal is to find a song that appeared in a previous PJSC round and whose lyrics contain that word. (Here's the PJSC song list for reference)


    You can submit your answers HERE. Answers will be due at the same time as the voting deadline.

    Whoever correctly identifies the most songs will be the winner!
  3. Reserved
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  4. My entry better not have been stolen again this month

  5. can't wait to see which Blondie song I send in this month
  6. I’ll be a @Maki with my votes since I am travelling and won’t be home to vote til close to deadline. Was tempted not to participate but I guess risking half my points for the round is still better than no points at all ddd
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Well I hope for a similar thing - that no one sends a song I know and love and then proceeds to obliterate the competition with it.
    (I see @Derek is intending to have me triggered with that banner already ddd)
  9. Hoping I can do better than last place this time ddd
  10. Picked the wrong night to go to bed at 5am, didn’t I just?
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  11. That time you hosted this contest and I made a list for you to find.
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  12. And I never found most of them but I hope you still have the answers somewhere!
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  13. PJ Retro is still open for entries!
  14. I knew one of the words instantly because the whole song immediately got stuck in my head. At least it's one of the catchier entries!
  15. Can I be paired up with you as I know 0? Actually - let me not drag you down with me ddd
  16. Oh don't worry, it's the only one I know!
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  17. Submitted something that's probably claimed already – let's find out!
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