Popjustice Song Contest 117 - Results concluded!

I'm so late for the reveal and all, but congrats @Isobel !! My only previous experience with U.S. Girls was with the introduction of two tracks into @Phonetics Girl 's Coven rate, and though they weren't to my taste, So Typically Now was instantly amazing and the contrast of gospel voices with her own deeper Kylie-esque vocals... Mmmmm yes. Happy that my 3rd favorite song this round took it.

Now onto my own song, I'm happy to be nearly top 15, better than I expected! Thank you to @Tiger Suit for being my first point-giver, @imaduck for surprising me with a point, @Zar-Unity for the point and stanning lo-fi, @BubblegumBoy, @klow for clocking the early Grimes influence, @Filler, @Untouchable Ace, @seven., @Attis, @Carel for your high number of points, and @cleosnatchra for closing the reveal with a very welcome 12-points! I nearly sent Call for Help which you knew, but the 20-second bridge in Bloom for Me is what inspired me to send it in the end. Hope you all enjoyed!

Thanks for the good reviews too, @berserkboi and @Maki. And lastly, thank you for hosting @Derek!
Absolutely deserved winner! I heard it in the wind that this is @soratami's entry for the next round...

Now precious I've already been the bride six times, I'm happy to have someone else take the bouquet this time xx

Almost Top 10 again!

Thank you girlies (kii some of you expect it to be klow's submission)
12 : @klow @daninternational @CaliDevotion
8 : @cleosnatchra
7 : @2014
5 : @WoW73 @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Sprockrooster
3 : @Carel
2 : @eatyourself
1 : @Inland Empire

And congrats @Isobel, what a deserving winner. It makes me recheck her discography, what an underrated artist she is (bonus point for sounding like Kylie) ! Kinda sad that now I can't submit anything from her dd. Mama this is excellence

Thank you too @Derek for the great hosting!
Congrats @Isobel - ngl I wasn't as big a fan of this song as I hoped (they've had better songs before, I am particularly partial to 'Overtime' and 'Woman's Work') but this was still a decent winner. Though I would have quite liked FLO to do it, glad they did better than the 11th place or whatever that 'Cardboard Box' got at least.

Also great to see Blondfire in the top 10 and Alice Et Moi was another good French entry (people keep trying to test my reputation of hating French music x). Shame The New Division just missed the top 10, up there with my best discoveries of the year so thanks for that @Untouchable Ace - actually that whole 11-16 section is better than most of the top 10!

Glad 'KI-KI' didn't do too horribly ignoring the offensiveness of it finishing behind goddamn Leah Kate, thanks to those who threw it some points! It was the closest I could get to sending a ROSALÍA song. x
That's actually an inspired winner so congrats on your (first?) victory @Isobel. Though I have a feeling we'll get another @soratami hosted round next considering what you said in another thread.

8 Points! Vesta - Ota varovasti - 10 - Up N Down always knows how to pick them, hey?

Vesta was a great artist discovery this year. I had actually submitted and withdrawn another song by her twice previously but I ended up overplaying it so much that I just need a long break from it now dd. It was also more experimental and riskier. Then I discovered and fell in love with Ota varovasti which also happens to be her most popular song and thought it would be suitable for PJSC with its balance of straightforward pop song structure and electronic production.

Thanks everyone who voted:

12 @Filler
10 @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @Untouchable Ace
8 @berserkboi, @seven.
5 @Isobel
4 @Disco Blister
3 @imaduck
2 @WoW73

HM @klow, @Maki

Thank you for hosting @Derek!
I believe she’s big on TikTok and responsible for a song called “Twinkle Twinkle Little B*tch”, which if you ask me is probably a contender for worst song of the decade.

This, except it also has competition from the other popular Leah Kate song '10 Things I Hate About You' (an actual UK top 40 hit) which is basically Miley Cyrus' '7 Things' except overdosing on cringe.

'Life Sux' admittedly is not as obviously unlistenable as those two songs but it was still not good xx
Thanks to these voters who aren't camera shy <333

12 @soratami @eatyourself @DJHazey (Legends exchanging 12s <333)
10 @Filler @Maki
8 @klow @Sprockrooster @HarryEzra
7 @cleosnatchra
5 @Disco Blister
4 @Inland Empire
3 @WoW73 @seven.
2 @unnameable @Rogue @iheartpoptarts @Carel

I am glad to see so many of you responded so strongly towards my favourite Alice Et Moi (Alice, C'est Moi!) song! I swear - she is so seductive and enchanting in this - I sometimes forget I am a gay man ddd!

So glad you found something in the French Rate worth sending here @DJHazey!! You are officially a Frenchie too!

PS: stream Requin Chagrin's new excellent single everyone!

Thank you @Derek! Well done @Isobel!!
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Inland Empire

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...Well, thank you @unnameable and @Sprockrooster ddd. Clara's based in Exeter so my entry was my first (and by the looks of it, last) attempt to boost local talent in PJSC. She definitely needs some better drum samples but I am really liking her stuff, and it's a shame she didn't seem to make a particularly big impression with any of you guys.

However I am very happy with the fact that I successfully predicted the winner, so congrats @Isobel on a very well-deserved win with a fantastic song! And of course thank you to @Derek for hosting!
My entry came on today on my gym playlist and I thought 'ooh what's this it sounds like a top 5 in PJSC' so watch me come 30th.

Glad I was wrong and glad that I changed my entry during the submission period, to get my second PJSC podium finish (and my fourth 3rd place - it seems like it's my ceiling!)

Thanks so much to every voter:
12: @iheartpoptarts @londonrain
10: @saviodxl @Dynamo @DJHazey @Derek
8: @soratami @Disco Blister @Zar-Unity
7: @livefrommelbs @imaduck
6: @Maki
5: @unnameable
3: @If You Go
HM: @BubblegumBoy (how ironic that you finally don't vote for me dd)

To everyone who voted for me and hasn't yet, please come join us at PJXtra 17 (and Asiavision!) - submissions open now until Saturday.

To everyone who didn't vote for me and hasn't yet, apologies will be accepted in the form of you joining us at PJXtra 17 (and Asiavision!) - submissions open now until Saturday.

Here is Eline Noelia's (ROBBED) attempt at representing Norway at Eurovision: