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Popjustice Song Contest 117 - Results concluded!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Derek, Jul 30, 2022.

  1. I knew that when I saw Filme Moi, I would lose to it. I actually planned to enter that next round and go on a little French rate run.
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  2. Round 118 hasn't started y-

  3. I thought Clara Bond was a refined entry, and saw her sub-thousand viewing figures on Youtube and thought "not another criminally under-rated British artist!" Clearly she is a local act who has not broken the medium-time yet.
  4. Thanks so much for the big points to nearly crack top 10. It is more meaningful for a favourite artist to have a big impact on some people than to be collecting singlular points.

    12 @If You Go @Carel
    10 @Isobel @Tiger Suit
    7 @Up N Down @berserkboi
    6 @Filler
    3 @swim @Sprockrooster @Inland Empire

    As I said you missed my entry from The New Division in PJ00 last year 'Alive'.
    You have to listen to the rest of their releases.

    There were not many songs I'd have been happy with winning as usual, but @Isobel you pulled it out. I wasn't expecting the song to be so good.
    You must have some celebratory tea now.

    @Derek well done on this round, thank you. But I just could not think properly about any of the lyrics to remember any. I knew at least 4 songs well that I missed and should have connected them.
    However maybe people would have engaged with the game better if they recognized their own entry when they saw a word.
  5. To give us all a bit of a breather, round 118 will open in November
  6. Wait, I won?? Oh shit!

    I'm traveling right now and about to head to dinner so I will go through the results and give my proper thoughts and acknowledgements when I can. Speaking of which, anyone up for a hosting gig in my absence? I'll be on the road (actually at sea) until the 12th.
  7. [​IMG]

    Get that entry form ready @imaduck
  8. Oh thank God.
  9. A belated thank you to everyone who voted for my bit of Charli XCX cosplay:

    12: @Rogue @Cotton Park
    8: @Inland Empire
    7: @Attis
    6: @WoW73 @If You Go @eatyourself
    5: @livefrommelbs @Up N Down
    4: @cleosnatchra
    3: @Isobel @CorgiCorgiCorgi @iheartpoptarts
    2: @DJHazey
    1: @2014

    Delighted to be in the top 10 and even more delighted with the outcomes of this round generally. U.S. Girls winning PJSC over 10 years after she caught my attention with a wonky cover of "The Boy Is Mine" is wonderful to see; hearty congratulations @Isobel! Of course, I'm extremely pleased that not only did my eternal favourite Ngaiire return to PJSC without me having to enter her, but she managed a commendable 12th! As mentioned in my ballot, "Filme moi" is another song that I've loved for what feels like yonks, so it was nice to see it crack the 100 point barrier.

    Thanks to @Derek for hosting and I'm looking forward to @soratami's Round 118!
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    We're in need of a new veto panel member. If you could throw me a PM if you're interested!

    Also, we're likely going to need a spare panelist this month, so if you're happy to help out occassionally when we need a spare panelist for a month please throw your hat in the ring HERE
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  11. So, after riding the high earlier this year, I'm back to regularly flopping in PJSC. I'll take it. A bit surprised Miss Madeline didn't do better here, but it could've been worse I guess.

    Underrated corner: Edyta Górniak and Amanda Brown.

    Thank you for wonderful hosting, @Derek and I'm ready for the net round!
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  12. Oh wow 6th place for Blondfire! Very happy with that result and was definitely not expecting that!
    I've been super busy with work and life so I haven't been on here in a while. For the next
    round which is already open, I'll just sit comfortably and go through the list to see if there are
    any good artist discoveries! (Same for PJ00)
  13. I'm guessing Spotify is now playing me more Blondfire thanks to your entry. I just heard Waves and obviously had to come and check if it's been entered before and it lost by one (1) point back in PJSC 18.
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  14. It's about time I was the one to send the Token Metal Entry That Does Surprisingly Well! I don't usually think of myself as a metalhead, but I do like any music that sounds a bit like the Rooftop Rampage theme from Crash Twinsanity, and that's kind of the same thing, right?

    I'd never heard of Nova Twins until like 2 days before the submission period was over. I just looked up the most eye-catching Mercury nominee and found a banger. (I also looked up the Popjustice £20 nominees around the same time and found nothing. Poptimism lost!)

    Thank you to everyone who correctly gave points to this racket but particularly @Up N Down for the 10, and @Tiger Suit for the fourth ever 12 they've kindly wasted on me. That's as many 12s as @Carel!

    Nice that I sent songs called 'Press Start' and 'Choose Your Fighter' back to back. That would have been clever if it wasn't completely unintentional and I was somehow just noticing it now.
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  15. I just went through the ballots again looking for something and, uhh, did anyone notice @Untouchable Ace‘s ballot had a list of songs from the previous round as his HMs ff.
  16. I did, but didn't say anything as Shy'm and Pauline were on there and deserved even more time in the sun ddd
  17. I guess round 116 was just that good.
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