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Popjustice Song Contest 117 - Results concluded!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Derek, Jul 30, 2022.

  1. I sent @Derek a PM sice the form already expired, hoping he accepts it!
  2. Submissions are now officially closed, and final entries have been added to the veto spreadsheet!

    The song list should be coming soon - but first, here are some vetoes...

    Empress Of - Save Me

    - 17-page thread, previously submitted artist x3

    Daul - In Touch (Ft. Charli Taft)

    - Charli Taft = Previous winner

    Kelsea Ballerini - Heartfirst

    - Significant U.S. chart success

    Did we get it right with Empress Of and Kelsea Ballerini? Those were both split decisions by the panel...
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  3. Wow, you girls really snapped this month. So many big songs I recognize. This is going to be fun!
  4. Similar thoughts here. I recognize not only some songs I already know and love, but also several artists I previously sent or perhaps even considered sending. Looks like another bloodbath and potential trauma for me are incoming dd
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Kelsea does seem too well known, and I would have been fine with Empress Of personally (bops for days, check her out everyone) but she has had a thread in the main forum for a while and does seem too big for PJSC now.
  6. This song is such a great bop but I agree that Empress Of seems to have been getting more and more hype on this forum as of lately, so it being a veto isn't surprising nor undeserving.
    I imagine pretty much the same thing to happen with FLO by the time they are again eligible of the contest.
  7. Here's the Spotify playlist:

    Missing: Edyta Górniak - Love Is On The Line

    I thought I barely knew anything from here but when adding the songs I noticed a few were in my Liked list. Also I know exactly what @Untouchable Ace submitted hehe.
  8. Not Leah Kate.
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  9. Chapell Roan (who's in my current rate)! Superorganism! FLO! Faouzia! Lots of familiar faces, which is what I needed submitting for the first time in over a year
  10. Émilie Simon? Alice Et Moi? Requin Chagrin???? French taking over is my new drug!!!
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  11. Surprised some of these songs survived the veto, oh and I love the songs that didn’t. Excited to dive in.
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  12. This round I didn't come to slay, I came to play
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  13. Well I am absolutely loving what's most likely going to be my 12. I still need to finish the list but I keep going back to it dd.
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  14. YES I didn't get vetoed! Really think this song is super hot so I'm curious to see how you all like it (or not).
  15. This round I didn't come to play, I came to forget what I entered and be content to finish mid-table

    *tongue pop*
  16. I can't believe that in the year of our Lorde 2022 we somehow have a PJSC entry that's not available on Spotify.
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