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Popjustice Song Contest 117 - Results concluded!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Derek, Jul 30, 2022.

  1. It is also so bizarre not having La Reine @Phonetics Girl here and yet Chappell, Alice and Requin are! At least she doesn’t have to rank the three this way ddd
  2. It's a song from...1996 dd.
  3. That's no excuse!

    But also, I can't believe that in the year of our Lorde 2022 we somehow have a PJSC entry that's from 1996 dd
  4. I literally was between my song and another on this list, almost like someone was linked in to my Spotify as I was trying to decide between the two and swooped in on the one I didn't pick. Now I automatically think mine will finish 25th or worse and the other will storm to a Top 3.
  5. Not only that, but I'm just now noticing that it's a "cover" of Kylie's demo from "Kylie Minogue" (1994) album sessions, which got released by one of its producers on his site in 2015. Makes sense someone skirted around and didn't submit it to PJ Retro as I assume it would've been vetoed there.
  6. Can't wait to end up last yet again! I think I've officially got out of touch with PJSC entries
  7. I'd rather cut my fingers off!!!

    But PJSC peaked with NO APOLOGY! winning anyway. Nothing can possibly beat that, as far as I'm concerned.
  9. One of this round's artists appears in Carly's new video... someone really wants to do well dd
  10. But Carly is chart poison.
  11. This is sarcasm right? I wouldn't think appearing in a video for another artist's sub-par song holds any weight around here.

    But then again I know very little about what holds weight around here so maybe you're onto something.
  12. Okay I've been strategically through 100s of songs, all I can find is one of these words with a suffix to make a word I didn't know before.

    Also that @Carel has at least 2 songs referencing Mcgruff.
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  13. Voted. #TeamPre2021
  14. It's one of those rounds where I hear the song once and I know it's my 12.
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  15. Two weeks later and this is still the only one I've figured out.
  16. Do tell me which ones they are, I don't have the memory for this kind of thing.

    (edit: I know Lemon Demon is one of them actually but can't think what the other would be)
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  17. That's just it, they mentioned
    McGruff in both Lemon Demon songs.
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  18. ~ Side Game Hints That May Or May Not Help, Part 1 ~

    Here are some hints for the first 5 words! There could theoretically be more than one past PJSC entry with any of these words in its lyrics, but the hints will refer to the one that I have in mind.

    This artist has released music in French, despite not being from a country where French is an official language.


    This song was not a PJSC winner, but it did win a certain other online song contest that takes place annually.


    This song was released in 2020 and appeared in PJSC in 2021.


    This artist now goes by a different stage name than they did at the time this song was released.


    This was a @Derek entry!
  19. voted very early, not the finest month for me I'm afraid
  20. I said in the previous round nothing really stood out for me but still there were a few that sounded like they could be winners. This round? Not a clue.
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