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Popjustice Song Contest 117 - Results concluded!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Derek, Jul 30, 2022.

  1. My votes are in! My top 10 and HMs stood out pretty early but I agree it could be anyone's round to take. Though I didn't play any of these songs more than my own submission, if I'm being honest.
  2. Now another of this round's artists appears in Madonna's latest photoshoot dd. People really going all out this round.
  3. Or perhaps it's actually Madonna and Carly, under our influence, that are going all out. Maybe @WhereDoesTheDJGo has a song lined up for Round 118!
  4. I so love the partial return this round of some fine dreamy bops!
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  5. I clearly identified the Carly one, but which artist is in Madonna's photoshoot thing?
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  6. I identified them both! Shame that's not a side theme game because I'm very likely flopping in this lyrics one.
  7. Miss Madeline! They're standing right next to each other here

  8. ~ Side Game Hints That May Or May Not Help, Part 2 ~

    In this song's lyrics, "George" refers to someone's last name.


    This artist has collaborated with an artist who I've given 12 points in PJSC.


    I've cited this as one of my favorite PJSC lyrics.


    This song's lyrics also reference someone who has been named "the Greatest DJ of All Time."


    This is a PJSC winner!
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  9. I'm sending in my ballot today! My ranking is so hard to finalize - everyone really brought it this round!
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  10. My ballot has been rotting for weeks in the form of a Spotify playlist but I'm just too lazy to convert it.
  11. I spent some time trying to find some answers of the side game. Total of answers found: zero
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  12. Maybe there should be a bonus prediction game to predict the highest number of words that anyone will find. It seems like even just finding one will be an impressive accomplishment!

    ~ Side Game Hints That May Or May Not Help, Part 3 ~


    This song appeared in a PJSC second chance round.


    This song was released in 2016, received over 100 points in PJSC... and then the artist seems to have disappeared.


    This song falls in the category of "songs I've given 12 points that flopped."


    Including "Steve", this song's lyrics include a total of about a dozen names.


    This song title begins with the word "The".
  13. I only know one of the side game songs at first glance, but I'll do a bit of investigating and try getting a few more once we have all the clues dd
  14. By the way, as an extra bonus hint related to the clues about songs I've given 12 points: I used to keep track of the songs I've given 12 points here (but that list is no longer up to date...)
  15. I have never gotten a @Derek 12? *cries into the abyss*
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  16. I see one from after I stopped updating the list!

    I should probably bring that list up to date and compile all my 12s into a playlist -- I bet there are some good ones I've forgotten about.
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  17. Final set of side game clues...!

    This song was released in 2022.


    I discovered after the fact that there are at least two possible answers for this one. The one I had in mind is by an artist who has appeared in PJSC five times.


    One of this round's participants has this artist in their avatar.


    This is a non- PJSC winning song by an artist who went on to win a later round.


    This song has an animated music video.
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  18. Me trying to come up with an answer to any of these.
  19. Has there been another 5 time?
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  20. Damn, I was so quick with my voting on Retro/00s and this one caught up to me. I'll find time.
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