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☃ Popjustice Song Contest 121 ☃ R E S U L T S

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, Dec 4, 2022.

  1. So it was @WoW73 who submitted all these songs under names of inactive forum members in the last round.

  2. Nope, not guilty on that count....
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  3. I didn’t see the snowmen emojis before haha. Anyway, I’ve submitted my entry. Let’s hope it does well!
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  4. Not this defeatist attitude at the first inconvenience. It's not exactly hard to find another song to enter dd
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  5. The court will decide that.
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  6. This is the round we've all got nothing new to send. The 2 pages of the November charts can attest to this.

    But I've submitted anyway.
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  7. d(^o^)b¸¸♬ January ♬,,d(^o^)b¸¸♬

    January air, cold December moving on but still more winter cold to come before the Spring. Where niche pop artists drop delayed albums built for Summer, heavyweight Swifts and crooners having had their moment in the sun.

    Cast your minds back, let's indulge in some of this January's delights:

    Do you have any memories of January cold?

  8. It is extremely difficult for my old brain to remember my favourite songs discovered in a particular month but these two Retro entries were from the first Retro Round this year so I assume they count as my January highlights:

    Thanks to @chanex and @TéléDex for them!

    Cannot recall the first rounds’ of PJ00s and PJSC songs to save my life sadly, but I am sure I have highlights if I find the playlists! <33
  9. January Jewels:

  10. Ha, my submission is something I discovered in January (but of '21, not this year). It still screams "winter" to me because of how much I played it then, even though I love it any time of year. We'll see if it lands, or maybe I'll get the ol' tiny crown twice!

    For this January, I was all about The Weeknd's "Dawn FM" (which I actually don't like much now) plus fka twigs' "CAPRISONGS" and Utada's "Bad Mode" (both of which I definitely still love!)
  11. January 2022 gems you said?

  12. My favourite song of the year was released in January

    That was a classic, that was a classic.
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  13. This was my #1 song on my Spotify Wrapped! I was surprised when I saw it at the top, but in retrospect, I played that album a lot.
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  14. Some January faves... All of whom have previously had songs in PJSC:

  15. Best thing January produced

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  16. d(^o^)b¸¸♬ January ♬,,d(^o^)b¸¸♬

    Kate Boy - Northern Lights // klow = 100
    Polina Gagarina - Вчера // If You Go = 100
    Dolores Forever - Party in My Mind // Attis = 99
    Doda - Fake Love // Disco Blister = 98
    HARLOE feat. Mick Jenkins - PWR RNGR // Cotton Park = 94
    Eartheater - Scripture // Maki = 89
    Sea Power - Two Fingers // OspreyQueen = 86
    Shanguy & Mark Neve - Kalima Minou // Derek = 83
    Micky Blue - Dance You Out My System // Phonetics Girl = 83
    ena mori - FALL INLOVE // Rogue = 80
    Miss Madeline - Lullaby // soratami = 74
    Anna-Sophie - Attack Without Warning // Filippa = 74
    Fury Weekend feat. Scandroid - Euphoria // Untouchable Ace = 73
    Evangelia - Fotiá // Up N Down = 71
    Ace Wilder - Riot // Filler = 71
    Therapie TAXI feat. Roméo Elvis - Hit Sale // berserkboi = 69
    Beatrice Eli - Trust Issues // Island = 67
    Monster Mansion - Galaxies // Jeffo = 64
    Lydia Ainsworth - Cosmic Dust // Tiger Suit = 60
    Cyan Kicks - Invincible // iheartpoptarts = 52
    Gracey - Sad Song // Swim = 51
    Camille Lellouche - T'es où // imaduck = 45
    Emie Nathan - noman // 2014 = 44
    Ss.hh.a.n.a - mental // livefrommelbs = 44
    Joan Thiele - Futuro Wow // CaliDevotion = 43
    Dan Aura - Straight Boys // londonrain = 39
    Vök - Stadium // rawkey = 36
    Xonia - Why Lie // Zar-Unity = 36
    We Three - 3 A.M. // saviodxl = 32
    Youra - Roller Coaster // TéléDex = 31
    Ellie Nelson - F50.9 // daninternational = 28
    ella jane - nothing else i could do // pop3blow2 = 26
    Forever Still - Breathe in Colours // DJHazey = 24
    Sarah Reeves - Dance to It (Luca Schreiner Remix) // WoW73 = 24
    WRENN - Your Friends Like Me Better // citoig = 22
    Banoffee - Tapioca Cheeks // BubblegumBoy = 18
    Omar Rudberg - Mi Casa Su Casa // HarryEzra = 16

    Some words from our January winner, @klow:

    Winning was a great thrill! I came into round 110 on a five round streak of relatively mediocre placements - the best being 15th in 109. Given it was a new year, I thought it a good opportunity to throw out the rulebook and to send something relatively old that I'd happened to notice was missing from the annals of the PJSC wiki, though I expected to end up in the middle of the table again. To win was a shock, and I hope it reminded everyone not to give up on their potentials list's backlog!

    "Scripture" was a song I already knew and had on my own best-of-2021 playlist, so choosing a 12 was easy. By the time I voted the Dolores Forever track had worked its way onto that same playlist. My main memories of the round are @Jeffo's video stills game, and, then, reveals: racking up a lot of points early, watching @If You Go climb her way into a tie for #1, and then the twist being that I'd won on countback. All prelude to a lot of spreadsheeting and posting the following month...

    I look forward to hearing the songs this round!

  17. I have no concept of time but I do remember this round.
  18. Kate Boy may have ghosted us hard but they were crying out for a win every since their inception.


    Forever winners.

  19. Oh yes, January, when I flopped with an Italian song. I was so ahead of the time with White Lotus
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  20. My 12 here won!! What a fantastic result that was!!

    Also - my favourite album of the year by my PJSC flop but Xtra Queen was released!

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