☃ Popjustice Song Contest 121 ☃ R E S U L T S

I'd still be eligible to take part in that PJActualOldies contest by a few months.

Nice try to get rid of me, @WoW73 / @berserkboi!
I fear that my entry isn't really a "Wow banger" this round, but others may feel like it
is! Come to think of it, none of the songs this round really have "that feeling", a few
come close! When you do find it, in that moment, it is special!

Someone literally entered one of the songs I was thinking of entering by one of my
favorite artists, but the new single was kinda average so I just went with something
else very different. Some of the musical qualities are similar to my entry last round!

Random thoughts:
Mae Muller the next Dua Lipa?
On a scale from 1 to 10 (ten being the hardest) how challenging was it to try
and find a new fresh song to enter? Me this round, a 8! I almost dropped out
of this round!