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Popjustice Song Contest 122/CXXII: IV Heart PJSC 100th(ish) Anniversary Edition - PJSC Hearts Hazey

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Jan 5, 2023.

  1. I'll wait! Any problems with the form, PM it to me!
  2. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Yeahhh I might need a couple hours’ grace too. I’ve done all my listening but I have brainache from the amount of stimulus I’ve been forced against my will to process today.
  3. Got round to voting, took longer than I thought oops but my top 3 is very stereotypically me and to be honest this was a strong contest? Was really hard to vote. Excited for results, gonna be a tense one I feel.
  4. What an excellent playlist this turned out to be. I hope my Top 10 and a lot of my 9s do well here.
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  5. You all voted and you all did it right, so you get the who sent what tonight!

    OLIVIA - Rrari // Berserkboi
    The Neighbourhood - Dust // Filler
    Boys World - SO WHAT // Attis
    Rosse - I Dont Cry (I Dance) // Swim
    Joypopp - Desire (Lueur Verte Remix) // pop3blow2
    Minelli - Could Be Something // daninternational
    GEMINI(제미나이) - Rollercoaster // Connor Walsh
    Pinkshift - Rainwalk // CorgiCorgiCorgi
    Tenspeed - Out Past Ten // BubblegumBoy
    Daena - Oversharing // Dynamo
    Freya Skye - Lose My Head // londonrain
    Josie Man - unbreak ur heart // Rogue
    Daybehavior - Tears That Dry // Maki
    moistbreezy - Once In a Lifetime // Tiger Suit
    HAARM - Lovin' On Borrowed Time // Saviodxl
    Kizuna and Her Heart-Whole Homies - Half to Whole ~Grand Finale~ (EN) // Inland Empire
    Say She She - Forget Me Not // A&E
    Thelma Plum - Backseat Of My Mind // Livefrommelbs
    Hyolyn - Layin' Low (feat. Jooyoung) // TéléDex
    Ilse DeLange - Drown Us Out // soratami
    ARXX - The Last Time // rawkey
    BESS - Sammumaton // Derek
    BABYMETAL - Monochrome // If You Go
    Beatrice Quinta - Se$$o // Up N Down
    Hope Tala - Leave It On The Dancefloor // 2014
    Niniola - Designer // Isobel
    Alus - One in a Million // CaliDevotion
    Honey. - What Now // DJHazey
    Jessica Williams - So Good (Matt Pop Edit) // Doodvid
    Bobby Marks - Run Wild // Untouchable Ace
    Roxen - Fool // WoW73
    Coco & Breezy, Tara Carosielli - Just Say // klow
    Rêve - CTRL + ALT + DEL // citoig
    Karan Kanchan feat. Ramya Pothuri - Wonder // Ana Raquel
    MARIS - Was It a Dream? // Jeffo
    Venus Hum - Busy Is The New Fine // Zar-Unity
    Meyy - Blush // HarryEzra
    Jonathan Geer - Chefsquad // slaybellz
    Daphnie - You're Pretty Great And I Normally Hate Things // iheartpoptarts
    Mount Kimbie feat. Nomi - say that // cleosnatchra
    Holy Molly - Shot A Friend // Disco Blister
    yunè pinku - Fai Fighter // Carel
    CamelPhat & Anyma - The Sign // Cotton Park
  6. I don’t think I’ve 12ed this person before! Well done - new Berserk Deity <333

    Is @DJHazey having a retrospective too next month?

    Fun fact: the only reason I even listened to the song I sent this round when YouTube algorithms recommended it to me is that I thought it was gonna be FL from the title ffff Nice melody though!
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  7. The only entry I guessed correctly is by @soratami (I know Rosse was a possible option but his chart promo and votes for Ilse gave it away).

    And these are the songs I was previously familiar with:
    Josie Man is the closest one to be added to my potential submissions list.

    Unless Honey. pulls off an already predicted win, I'd like to have my second PJSC gold please. (I'll talk about my entry soon)

    The way this reads as your commentary for an entry that got a score of 7.5 or something ddd
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  8. Oh my god me too.

    (and also because it was yours)
  9. Kids nowadays calling Ferraris Rrari is a twist I never expected fff

    Literal Old Man moment for me!

    I later found out Rrari is Italian for ‘Rare’. We could have had a song about Steak!! Ddd
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  10. Okay, so reveals happening sometime afternoon EST when I'm not super busy with work, I have a day job, life is hard etc, but I'll get you guys results for sure! Will keep you all posted!

    (currently it's the middle of the night EST and I'm going to bed so I can wake up and be reasonably competent)
  11. I hope you enjoyed ‘Backseat Of My Mind’, gang. It‘s meant a lot to me these last few months - and it felt fitting to share it with you all over the new year period. A beautifully-sung track about leaving behind the baggage or bad vibes of the past and moving forward, by an incredible Australian artist.

    (In other news, I’m Team BESS)
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  12. I never get to enter any of these hot new songs because at my old age I am slow at keeping up with these new releases dd. I entered What Now a few rounds back and was told it was vetoed since like five people entered it and it was on cooldown. I decided to try again since I figured cool down period was over and was shocked I was the only one.

    I never get these songs, let me have this dd!.
  13. "Tears That Dry" was likely my very first song discovery of this year (happening on January 1st actually) and it was a rather random song I stumbled upon. I was checking some electro/synth-pop acts, Daybehavior was among them, and then I saw this was their most recent release - as soon as I heard those opening synths I just knew this was a keeper. I soon became obsessed with the song and it was a clear choice for my next PJSC entry. It manages to be anthemic and melancholic at the same time, has a chord change during the chorus without losing any coherence, fantastic production, amazing melodies and lovely vocals just cement this as one of my own favourite entries fere. Pretty much sounds like a classic.
    Also, those who checked YouTube link only should seek the Spotify version for bonus epic synths at the end.

    Even though this is a rather competitive round, I expect at least a top 10 placement for this song, but PJSC keeps having some interesting results so I'm ready to be surprised once again.
  14. Holy shit I just realised that Daybehaviour are in both this PJSC round and the current PJ00s+ round! Surely this isn’t a coincidence??
  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    So is Matt Pop (as a remixer). I was not shocked at all that @Doodvid was responsible for his presence here.
  16. This time, I tried with something that was outside my usual genres to send. I feel pretty overpowered by the onslaught of EXCELLENCE this round, but I hope Niniola stood out to a few.

    I found this song somewhere in early 2020 (maybe the Afrobeats Spotify playlist?) and the hypnotic beat and melody made me get stuck on it for a few weeks. I recently heard it again and thought it might be a nice surprise for some here and very unlikely to be known already. Let's see!
  17. I hope you all enjoyed the extreme glamour of the accompanying video…

  18. Hi PJSC, I should be able to get going with this in approx 2 hours, see you all soon!
  19. Perched for the first song contest reveals of the year

  20. I've been meaning to send an Alus song for months, I was first thinking it would be Better but then changed my mind to One in a Million, and honestly it blows my mind there is 0 mention of her on this forum. She feels like true PJ juice so I'm excited to see how she fares today.
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