PopJustice Song Contest 126 REVEaLiNG

Do we know if it was someone who entered the triple submission in 124, scamming it in two rounds later? Or was it someone else who may not have known the song was on cooldown?

That is what happened to me with Honey. - What Now one time (had no idea it was on pause) and then I sent when it went off cooldown (and won)
Maybe triple-submitted songs should be permanently vetoed



I thought, let's say... """Moloko""" couldn't be entered until round 128 if """Róisín Murphy""" (half of the duo) was in round 124? Or does that rule apply to acts in the same form only and I mixed it up with some other rule?

Does this post contain a clue regarding something else too? Maybe so
Time to meet the rest of our legends. Voting is OPEN



4 songs will come out of each group and then it'll be the 28 qualifying legends fisting it out single elimination style until Stronger is announced as the winner. You'll need to pick 4 songs from each group

Let's see what our legends have been up to...

Group B have been showcasing vegetables


Nelly Furtado and her award wining lettuces.

Shania Twain after her participation ribbon in the giant pumpkin contest, the judges were not impressed that much.

Tori Amos was unfortunately taken to A&E after a clutch of large courgettes fell on her.

Britney was the real winner of the day with her giant potato. She was heard explaiming "It's a potato bitch"

Group b.jpg

Group C went for a day at the Spa

Perfume looked beatiful and not at all suspicious.

Tori Amos when asked if she wanted some treatments replied "I don't want to"

Several Meagan Trainor's practiced shiatsu on a fleshy platypus.

And Jessie ware was heard saying "I hate this" after a lovely relaxing sauna.

Group c.jpg

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Group D went to local Cinco De Mayo Celebrations.

Foxes bought some friends and had a bear

When we asked Lena how she found the day, she was ecstatic, saying "gå ifrån mig din jävla förlorare"

Loreen missed her eurovision rehearsal to be here stating "I've already won, so It didn't matter"

George Michael seems to have confused Cinco de mayo with day of the dead.

Group dpsd.jpg

Group E had a lovely time at a water park

The Verve bopped to their favorite Carly Rae Jepson songs whilst enjoying the lazy river ahead of the rate starting this week.

Kate bush was unable to enjoy the wide selection of pools as she literally walks on water.

Madonna was heard saying "I'm too old for this shit"

Mitski however had to be escorting off site after skinny dipping in the wave pool.

Group e.jpg
Group F's suggested activity was "Graduating" I'm not sure how many people are doing that of a weekend, but who am I to argue with.

Here is what the girls were studying.

Cheryl got a 2.2 in Cost Estimation.

Debbie Gibson "passed" her Dental Hygene BTEC

Agnes did a joint honours in Software Development & Nail Technicianing

Britney graduated pre school

Group f.jpg

Group G attended a baseball game and their talents really shone.

The saturdays were there, dressed as Girls aloud. I'm not sure why.

Perfume were unsure how to use the equiptment.

Janelle had excellent form throwing a fantastic first pitch

Lady gaga did her best as backstop, but after a tough loss said it didn't matter as she "lived for the applause"

Group g.jpg
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