PopJustice Song Contest 126 REVEaLiNG

Are we really surprised x

will vote tonight

Love that it is BAU with Legends and the bigger PJ faves fall just ahead of the finale (I do realise Nelly and Bonnie are also legendary but they don’t come near the widespread forum obsession with B &B).

Team Nelly / Team Bonnie harbour no bad winners <333
So I failed to guess any entries this time.
I thought it was @BubblegumBoy who sent LOWES but then again, @soratami and I were in the watch2gether room when it was playing and we agreed that it sounds like a successful PJSC entry. With that in mind, we'll see if it will do what Moyka did last time. Apart from that, I can see a few more songs doing really well here.

As for my entry, I knew nothing about Elisabeth Elektra but I really liked "The Dream" which popped up among the new releases and thought its accessible quirky pop sensibilities would appeal to the public in this contest. The song further grew on my but luckily I didn't become too attached to it (like I said, I prefer a few of the other entries in this round). I will be checking out more of Elisabeth's music.