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Popjustice Song Contest 35

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. I've had this little hidden gem for a while and figured it was time to unleash it!
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  3. Love that intro video! I barely know anything about Harry Potter so I will base my choice superficially.

    I am pending between 3 songs to send in. Hmm. Let me follow my gut feeling.
  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I've entered
  5. Hm, I'm afraid I might be vetoed... I do have two back up tracks though.
  6. BML


    Weird, I didn't get this notification but thank you for remembering me!

    Let me submit a bit to imadom.
  7. I got a veto and send in mine second song, which possibly will do better.
  8. Crap lemme submit the first barely serviceable bop I can find tonight so I can snatch one of the last Hufflepuff spots. #priorities
  9. Wait, does this mean I passed?
  10. Not exactly, when they posted that I think I was the only member who had put in all their scores so I assume he just had a song that was a guaranteed veto.
  11. Oh, my hopes were up. Even though I'll disagree with the decision, there is a shot that mine gets vetoed.
  12. Quite right

    It was a previously submitted song that he'd missed in our fully updated song list
  13. [​IMG]

    And bam, the following songs came flying out of the contest

    - Previously Submitted Artist
    - Well known song by a well known name
    - Massive blog coverage when this song was released
    - Easy imaduck 12 points, this song is, and always has been a bonafide jam

    - X Factor Winner
    - 17 Page thread on the main forum
    - Well known name

    Looks like one song will likely hit the chopping block when Wow votes, everything else is looking safe.

    Do let us know your opinions on the songs, your feedback, pats on the back, general outrage help us in future vetoing!
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  14. I'll confess to entering Samantha Jade. I honestly just discovered her a couple of months ago and only looked at her charts to make my decision...only seeing Australia-centered success, mostly with only Top-20 songs or blanks...

    That's okay I will climb back up, brush myself off, and deliver another secret weapon. I wanted to go with something other than teen-pop this time and this strategy will not change.
  15. But 'Sweet Talk' is better!

  16. That's your opinion, but I've been playing "Soldier" on repeat for a while now. It's everything I'd ever want in a basic-ass bop from heaven pleading with raw emotion, one that exaggerates all the qualities I love to levels I thought weren't even possible. The line "wanna see inside your head, what's going on in there?" always gets to me as well...I've never heard anyone write like that before and it'll probably come across as stupid to many but I'm in love. Also she's one of the sexiest woman alive on top of all this, especially in the video.
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  17. They still play all the Fefe Dobson singles from the Joy album constantly on Canadian radio. I still prefer early Avril-clone Fefe. Take Me Away is that jam.

    Also yeah, Sweet Talk is like one of the best songs ever probably.
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  18. I'm with you (pun not intended), but "Stuttering" is a career peak.
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  19. My fave Fefe song is 'Rock It Til You Drop It'. Random, I know, but still!
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  20. I'm always shocked when I go to Fefe's wikipedia page and learn how much promo she's got over the years.

    Shame she's never taken off. I feel like she should have a Sia-style uprising, writing a bunch of big songs for other people.
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