Popjustice Song Contest 35

This has been a real hoot* @imaduck; you're one of a kind, for sure. I'm ready to rise from the ashes of the lower third like our fiery friend Fawkes and snatch a top 10 place next contest. Just y'all wait.

*Get it? Like an owl? Hilarious.
Not me flopping even harder than I thought!

I may watch from a distance but I think this is it for me submitting. So long y'all!
Not me flopping even harder than I thought!

I may watch from a distance but I think this is it for me submitting. So long y'all!

Don't give up faith luv, my scoring pattern goes
27, 2, 23, 1, 21,21,10... And they've all been 80's esque bundles of synthy amazing pop, if I say so myself.

Next time I'm going for the most modern sounding thing I've ever attempted, my one time win has got me addicted to dat feeling.
Screw death eating, man. I'm going into anime villainy.

Ah well, one's first single digit score is always worth a celebration (lower than either of my Metaljustice entrants too - what the?!). Congrats to @Jordananan and well done to @imaduck for flawless-as-usual hosting.
All right. Now that I'm finally allowed to be nice again, thanks to @backstreetjoe, @Ironheade, @Animalia, @IAmMrDexB, @Derek, @BML, and @HeartSwells for the points!

Congrats @Jordananan! If you ask me, you probably should've won this thing with, like, three different songs by now, but this one works too!

@imaduck, amazing hosting as always! And the house cup ending was too perfect.

Oh, and let me give a shoutout to @llamadelrey for doing the whole "magic" thing much better than I did!
I honestly expected Vita to flop uncontrollably but thanks to everyone who got her to 9th! I'll take another Top 10 position.
I got 6th place? 1000 points to everyone! Thanks to everyone who liked and gave points to Played You, but an especially huge thanks to @NuhdeensPassport , @chanex , and @LPMA for the 12s! You are all as special as that moment where you find a caramel-flavoured Bertie Bott every-flavor bean in a bag that contains only earwax-flavoured ones. Ehehe.

I'll be sending Howlers out to everyone else, be expecting my owl soon. A Slytherin does not play.
Not me flopping even harder than I thought!

I may watch from a distance but I think this is it for me submitting. So long y'all!
Are you kidding me!? Sounds like Gibberish! Your R&B cover song was great! Insanely catchy and the female vocalists very talented, especially the blonde. Please don't leave. Your song is on my "surprised, should have done better" list.
@Terminus's song "Down" is probably the most dreamy and magical number for me this round.

I shamely overlooked it for points. Love it now!

The Sval Sophistication equivalent song

This is my favorite song this round and the one in which I feel is the closet to Sval's artistic sophistication. I try to go with one on every round, ever since I first started in PJSC 32 and discovered Sval.

IYES - Lessons (submitted by ladygagaogaga)

SO catchy and brilliant! Love it so much!
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7th place! yeah baby!

@Jordananan Congrats on the win, it's well deserved and thanks for the 12 points! thanks also too @Oricon for those 12 points too (please don't go!), also to all of you who liked my entry... @seven. , @citoig, @Laurence Nope fantastic entries, all downloaded and getting lots of plays in my iTunes!

Thanks for hosting @imaduck, this was a lot of fun. I tried to participate at some point in the reveal but the Chrome issue didn't really help...

Also out of curiosity: Would you guys have awarded any points to my original but vetoed entry:
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A big congratulations to Jordananan for "Ninsun Poli - Great Leap Forward". Cool song, one in which I came really close to giving some points to.

Imaduck amazing hosting and theme this round, great job! I liked your song "Sharon Doorson - Something Beautiful" as well. It had a cool atmosphere to it.

Oricon hit a great Kpop number with "Nine Muses - Hurt Locker". A fine tune!

At the time in which I voted, Rogue's "Paris - Zibra" was my favorite song of the round. And one in which I still enjoy listening to now. Love that funky bass and cool dance style to this rock tune. Pretty cool music video as well.

One of the most surprising and delightful songs this round for me was "Katzenjammer - Rock Paper Scissors" by WowWowWowWow! Very catchy song and a wonderful tune!

citoig's song "Lovur - Joey's Fetish" was pretty unique to this round. I found myself really digging the surreal atmosphere to it.

CorgiCorgiCorgi's "Pr0files - Forgive" is pretty decent! It just missed points but was damn close to getting some. It would have for sure if 15 point voting would have been voted popular. Anywaz, great tune!! I've been grooving to it a lot.

One of the catchiest songs this round was definitely ajmkv's "Alina Eremia - Played You". It did well, which is nice to see. The singer also has a great voice I think. Very powerful!

Another song, one of the most beautiful songs this round and one on my "surprised that it didn't do better songs" was backstreetjoe's brilliant t entry of "Sad Robots - I Want You Bad"! Amazing tune!

Also we had another Kpop tune that I thought was also really good this round "Narsha - Bbi Ri Bba Bba" by Laurence Nope! Also on my "surprised it didn't do better list".

A song with a great singer and good second verse was Cameron's colorful tune "Elina Born - Enough"! It was overlooked at first but now I really appreciate the submittion.

A really powerful and catchy tune that I also overlooked at first that I want to mention as well now would be eyeline's striking and pumped pop jam "Skylar Stecker - That's Love"! I'm effectively grooving to it now.

I vote Animalia's brilliant entry "Miaoux Miaoux - Luxury Discovery" best music video for a song this round! Also, quite a groovy tune! Awesome entry and also of course on my "surprised that it didn't do better" list.

Favorite entry this round for a alternative tune with a strikingly cool fresh sound? That would be IAmMrDexB's magical and understated "Gwenno - Patriarchaeth". Love it! Warmed up to it well. Love the surreal music video for it as well.

Oh my oh my! iheartpoptarts's dreamy 80's synth inspired number "Computer Magic - Be Fair" is quite a gem! For sure on my "surprised that it didn't do better" list of songs this round! It's so catchy and well done! Also pretty cool music video. Perfectly fits the adventurous atmosphere of the song. I came so close to giving it some points. Disappointed in myself.

Okay, BML's "Nina K - Impossible" has got to be number one on my "surprised that it didn't do better" list! It might start off a little slow, but in the middle of the song, it really picks up brilliantly. From the song's middle point, it shines as one of the brightest and most moving songs this round. Completely overlooked by everyone, including myself!

I love Totto's "EAD3N - Power"! It's so powerful and edgy in a good way. Cool beat and sound. Pretty catchy too.

And last but not least, I'm totally jamming to the fun quirky number by DJHazey "Elena Gheorghe - Midnight Sun"! Love it!

Holly crap, SO many good songs this round! Just had to throw out my extended two cents to show my appreciation. Thank you all.
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