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Popjustice Song Contest 35

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. A big congratulations to Jordananan for "Ninsun Poli - Great Leap Forward". Cool song, one in which I came really close to giving some points to.

    Imaduck amazing hosting and theme this round, great job! I liked your song "Sharon Doorson - Something Beautiful" as well. It had a cool atmosphere to it.

    Oricon hit a great Kpop number with "Nine Muses - Hurt Locker". A fine tune!

    At the time in which I voted, Rogue's "Paris - Zibra" was my favorite song of the round. And one in which I still enjoy listening to now. Love that funky bass and cool dance style to this rock tune. Pretty cool music video as well.

    One of the most surprising and delightful songs this round for me was "Katzenjammer - Rock Paper Scissors" by WowWowWowWow! Very catchy song and a wonderful tune!

    citoig's song "Lovur - Joey's Fetish" was pretty unique to this round. I found myself really digging the surreal atmosphere to it.

    CorgiCorgiCorgi's "Pr0files - Forgive" is pretty decent! It just missed points but was damn close to getting some. It would have for sure if 15 point voting would have been voted popular. Anywaz, great tune!! I've been grooving to it a lot.

    One of the catchiest songs this round was definitely ajmkv's "Alina Eremia - Played You". It did well, which is nice to see. The singer also has a great voice I think. Very powerful!

    Another song, one of the most beautiful songs this round and one on my "surprised that it didn't do better songs" was backstreetjoe's brilliant t entry of "Sad Robots - I Want You Bad"! Amazing tune!

    Also we had another Kpop tune that I thought was also really good this round "Narsha - Bbi Ri Bba Bba" by Laurence Nope! Also on my "surprised it didn't do better list".

    A song with a great singer and good second verse was Cameron's colorful tune "Elina Born - Enough"! It was overlooked at first but now I really appreciate the submittion.

    A really powerful and catchy tune that I also overlooked at first that I want to mention as well now would be eyeline's striking and pumped pop jam "Skylar Stecker - That's Love"! I'm effectively grooving to it now.

    I vote Animalia's brilliant entry "Miaoux Miaoux - Luxury Discovery" best music video for a song this round! Also, quite a groovy tune! Awesome entry and also of course on my "surprised that it didn't do better" list.

    Favorite entry this round for a alternative tune with a strikingly cool fresh sound? That would be IAmMrDexB's magical and understated "Gwenno - Patriarchaeth". Love it! Warmed up to it well. Love the surreal music video for it as well.

    Oh my oh my! iheartpoptarts's dreamy 80's synth inspired number "Computer Magic - Be Fair" is quite a gem! For sure on my "surprised that it didn't do better" list of songs this round! It's so catchy and well done! Also pretty cool music video. Perfectly fits the adventurous atmosphere of the song. I came so close to giving it some points. Disappointed in myself.

    Okay, BML's "Nina K - Impossible" has got to be number one on my "surprised that it didn't do better" list! It might start off a little slow, but in the middle of the song, it really picks up brilliantly. From the song's middle point, it shines as one of the brightest and most moving songs this round. Completely overlooked by everyone, including myself!

    I love Totto's "EAD3N - Power"! It's so powerful and edgy in a good way. Cool beat and sound. Pretty catchy too.

    And last but not least, I'm totally jamming to the fun quirky number by DJHazey "Elena Gheorghe - Midnight Sun"! Love it!

    Holly crap, SO many good songs this round! Just had to throw out my extended two cents to show my appreciation. Thank you all.
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  2. I possibly would have given this song some points.
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  3. Oh and thank you @backstreetjoe; the new Sad Robot album is amazing! I love finding new faves through this.
  4. Ouch, only my second time ever missing the top 20! I'm not really surprised though, I had pretty low expectations for my song this time. Thanks to those who did give points to Lisa Scinta, with a special shoutout to @Cameron for the 12!

    I have some very good songs lined up for the next contest... I am ready for my return to PJSC glory!
  5. Let me take the time out for my best popjustice-score so far and also breaking the 100-pointline. After Kerri Watt placed 10 I already felt a winner. Now at second place I am truly winning.

    Thanks @eyeline // @2014 // @IAmMrDexB // @ajmkv // @NuhdeensPassport // @JuanJose // @Totto // @Carel // @LPMA // @Keifer3194 // @KamikazeHeart and @DJHazey

    Big thanks @Terminus giving me my first 12 on PJ! Also a 12 from @Derek and funnily my veto'ed song was Kadie Elders' First Time I Kissed A Boy and it was send in by him at PJ28. It was meant to be. I would have given 12 if I was here then! And another 12 from @BML. I feel so blessed.

    Shoutout to @Beginner. Typing this Jessie James Deckers Clint Eastwood came on. Giving me life again! It has opened the attack on @imaduck's Broken, which for now I consider the best song I came to know throughout PJ. Shoutout to Imaduck for an absolutely fabulous hosting. You are amazing. Making it even more beautiful.

    For the next three contests I have something special in mind. I have a lyrical triptynch (trilogy) ready that perfectly follow each other, but sung by different artist and in my opinion all obscure. Let's hope I can finish this triptynch and that the veto panel doesnot rain on my parade. Bring it on, since I am feeling confident and winning.
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  6. Ah, like I predicted the Vitale song proved to be a veritable litmus test of pop ears -- thanks Laurence and fistcity for proving there's still hope!
  7. I just don't know what to do anymore, god.

    Congrats @Jordananan
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  8. I'm thrilled you found a song you love! That's what this is all about, right?
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  9. After the tragic mess I was this round, I hope there's a quick turn around cause I just found a bop that I LOVE.

    @Jordananan come through King.
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  10. @Jordananan Don't take your time, Back to back contests would be amazing.
  11. You also have to pester the wonderful @imaduck to give me a helping hand message before we move along but I don't mind getting it up a.s.a.p
  12. Back2Back you say.... My body is ready.
  13. You guys might as well not enter anything because I finally found something that's gonna get me higher than tenth place.
  14. Expect the next thread to pop up upon the finishing of my Swedish Princess thread.
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  15. So I don't know what happened but Don't Wait Up just clicked for me and I fell in love with it and I just bought his album. Probably would've given it my 12 if voting had been today. Sorry @seven!
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  17. I'm between two fresh finds to enter, so the faster it goes up the faster I'll be forced to decide!

    So what do people want? Massive chorus or uber upbeat and positive?
  18. Massive Chorus EVERYTIME
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  19. Figured as much, which is exciting because I discovered the song last night!
  20. I already had one, but in the last half hour discovered another one...
    I should just stop listening to new music.
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