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Popjustice Song Contest 35

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. What even happened, she was all set to release firebird, and then nothing.
  2. I think that's happened a lot in her career, kii.

    Actually though I never heard either of those singles on the radio. They were too busy still playing Stuttering.
  3. Two songs currently battling for my submission! Such a tough choice!
  4. I feel like my song could win but the last time I had that feeling I didn't even make the top 10 hahah.
  5. My song has an absolute BEAST of a chorus that I have complete faith in but coming second last contest with the amazing Krista has me sated enough for now.
  6. Also, is the houses list how many spots are left or how many are taken?
  7. I am not in the submissions so far-list. Is it because my second song awaits veto @imaduck?
  8. @Sprockrooster

    you're on, just hadn't updated the list.

    also Hufflepuff is now full.

    Gryffindor still has only 1 member (Gryffindor's are losers)
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  9. I am sorry for my impatience.
  10. If @jinzo was still participating I'd enter this for his 12 points.

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  11. I'm so excited about my entry.
  12. Just don't be a Dumbledore and award 'extra' points to Gryffindor when they can't win on their own.
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  13. Look, Harry picked up a quill

    50 points to Gryffindor.

    (I'm a Ravenclaw so no chance gurl - and looking at the current ravenclaw roster y'all have no chance)
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  14. I'm so lonely. Sitting at the Gryffindor table eating lunch by myself.
  15. Deatheaters should earn extra points for every snide comment and shade thrown.
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  16. So did everybody read "Where my Ravenclaws at?" and immediately join because @imaduck = points, or what?

    You guys really are clever...
  17. I sent in mine!

    Looks like I'll be joining you @Beginner
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  18. Well no I just happen to excel at reading.
  19. Us DeathEaters gotta stick together*... As I have entered the winner.

    *P.S unless you entered something shit, ain't nobody got time for that
    P.P.S Did I say I was gonna win?
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