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Popjustice Song Contest 35

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. My backup is in and everyone is going to want to make sure that their weave is secure for this one.
  2. You're gonna wanna secure your votes for mine <3
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  3. I am already awaiting the huge meltdowns that are going to happen, because my song will show how it is done. Better aim for that number 2 spot y'all
  4. This is what I said last time and I ended up with my lowest placing song in a while (At just scraping under top 10, kii.)
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  5. Or maaaaaybe not in my case. Because like most Death Eaters, I am apparently really good but seem to exist mostly to get chumped by Our Heroes.
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  6. I told you I was coming for the crown last time and ended second... I think my song is probably stronger this time around. The chorus is one of the strongest I've ever entered I think but as always its dependant on other entries.
  7. Maybe my positive energy about it helps it.
  8. I feel pretty humble about mine this time around, but I'm also pretty sure it will land a 12 or two.
  9. This is GOAT
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  10. @jinzo when will you come back ? The second place spot isn't the same without you.
  11. Get ready for my entry to sweep the #10 position y'all!
  12. Submitted! I don't think I'll do particularly well, but I just really like this artist and wanna see 'em represented.
  13. Have been without internet for much of the week but submitted (I think) from my phone. Hope it's been logged!
  14. Hopefully making a decent debut!
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  15. Been in London this weekend, so lack of updates, expect a plethora of updates tomorrow eventide!
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  16. RIGHT - We're all updated on the first page

    2 days left

    still no @BML

    can anyone else spot a missing regular.
  17. I can't decide between three songs by this new-to-me artist I'm in love with...
  18. BML


    I've submitted! Was going to go for a definite no-pointer (except for maybe @chanex and @Totto) but decided to pander a bit for my return. We shall see...
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  19. The list does seem smaller than usual but I'm okay with not as many songs to listen to this round.

    I'm intrigued as to where mine will end up, I'm most likely going to get @DJHazey's 12 points so I'm cool with that.
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  20. This time I'm aiming for the top! I've been sitting at bottom of the well for far too long, I want to know how it feels like to snatch a wig.
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