Popjustice Song Contest 35

My backup is in and everyone is going to want to make sure that their weave is secure for this one.
I am already awaiting the huge meltdowns that are going to happen, because my song will show how it is done. Better aim for that number 2 spot y'all
he / him
I told you I was coming for the crown last time and ended second... I think my song is probably stronger this time around. The chorus is one of the strongest I've ever entered I think but as always its dependant on other entries.
Submitted! I don't think I'll do particularly well, but I just really like this artist and wanna see 'em represented.
The list does seem smaller than usual but I'm okay with not as many songs to listen to this round.

I'm intrigued as to where mine will end up, I'm most likely going to get @DJHazey's 12 points so I'm cool with that.
I've submitted! Was going to go for a definite no-pointer (except for maybe @chanex and @Totto) but decided to pander a bit for my return. We shall see...

This time I'm aiming for the top! I've been sitting at bottom of the well for far too long, I want to know how it feels like to snatch a wig.