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Popjustice Song Contest 35

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. FLOP at me disappearing for a contest because I forgot the deadline. But I've submitted my entry for this contest and expect to storm back into the Top 31 where I belong. Y'all better be ready.
  2. That was my vetoed entry several months ago!

    But this time I've decided to go with something more seasonally appropriate.
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  3. up to 39 entries, which means an 8th slot has opened up on each house.

    First page is updateteted


    this has been vetoed

    - 11 million views in a month
    - Major lead single of hyped K-Pop band
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  4. I didn't submit Dumb Dumb, but I should have submitted Ice Cream Cake earlier in the year when I had the chance
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  5. Guess who's back
    Back again
    Carel's back
    And might actually vote this time
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  6. I won't be back then for this because the veto for the track is a joke.

    11 million views for K-Pop doesn't mean ANYTHING in regards to K-Pop songs. If the excuse for "it's by the same label as Girls' Generation, SHINee, etc" then it's labelling the artist more as veto worthy than the track. Is it massively hyped on Popjustice? I don't think so on that aspect with people calling it a mess. Not to mention the band is incredibly new as well.

    Back to my shell once again.
  7. BML


    It's comforting to know that nothing has changed since I was last here.
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  8. I really wish I had entered Happiness last year before they became the most popular Rookie group this year though Ice Cream Cake is the best of the three.
  9. Wait, what? It's no fun if the veto panel defeats the Dark Lord before the rest of us even have a chance!
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  10. Color me shocked that Red Velvet got vetoed as well. They're very popular on my kpop forums but I didn't realize their name recognition carried over so well to the general pop scene.

    Good for them!
  11. I am in! I was not planning to participate this time, but just realized that my entry may rise in popularity soon, so better play that card before its too late... was sitting on this act for too long...

    Also, I agree the k-pop vetoing needs some tuning. Allowing wonder girls in the last contest but vetoing red velvet this time around doesn't seem very coherent...
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  12. I'm thirsty for this to begin, Hoping to find another new favorite song as good as Pyramids!
  13. I'm extremely curious to see how my song will perform and if I'll finally manage to break out from the bottom of the pack. On one hand, it ticks some major boxes, but I can also see it scaring some people away.
  14. Foreign entries are always difficult and some people questioned the Wonder Girls being passed last round so we were a little bit stricter. The difference is the Red Velvet song is their lead single, been featured on TheSinglesJukebox and has been popular on the K-pop subforum while the Wonder Girls song was an album track.
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  15. Give me that list that I love.

    Also I heard Brand New Bitch on the radio today and all I could think of was Hagrid.
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  16. Just want to confirm that I entered last night in case it got lost in the shuffle! Had to poll several friends to choose which song to enter it was quite the crisis hehe.
  17. And did you notice that the Wonder Girls album was critically HAILED and worshipped within the Kpop forum along by literally everyone who follows the K-Pop scene? That album track itself has more hype than anything.
  18. Not Bothered team please, I dislike Harry Potter.
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  19. Oripressed
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  20. Muggle, dear. You are a muggle.
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