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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. I'm okay with this (after Googling, obvi).
  2. Can we have a team muggle? I want on! It would be such sweet victory if we won.
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  4. Hey I hear you man. I know nothing about K-pop and don't follow it at all. I honestly detest the genre personally, yet I immediately called that out for being entered. I'm sorry, but that says something.

    Also 'Team Muggles' would have been fucking amazing!
  5. Would have? I'm hopeful it's a possibility! Make it happen @imaduck xoxo
  6. I would volunteer for Team Muggle but I feel like my song fits the house I requested very well.
  7. Well like @Rogue said it was partly vetoed because of the reaction to the Wonder Girls track, which I naively figured wouldn't be an issue since it's an album track and Yeeun + Sunmi's solo singles made it in without fuss before. K-Pop especially is tricky because obviously it has a crowd here and I'd say that the fans here follow it closely enough to even know acts faaaaaaaaaaaaaar from the A-list that have made it in like Stellar, Lim Kim, Nine Muses, Hello Venus, Rania, Anda, etc. but it'd be unfair to veto every Korean act (sorry, @DJHazey!) with a little hype from the K-Pop fandom. Granted the Wonder Girls is clearly not just a little hype, but again that was acknowledged as a mistake and neither are Red Velvet who again are 100% known by anyone slightly familiar with K-Pop and even many non fans have listened to the song. The single itself was more so why it got vetoed than the group, it got a 40 so an album track probably would have been OK since even some K-Pop fans don't check that out.

    Of course it's not a perfect system so if y'all see a problem with it speak out and we'll listen. Should we still be letting big groups in so long as they're not undeniably top tier like Girls' Generation, 2NE1, Big Bang, EXO, etc.? Should we be stricter on the groups that aren't huge in Korea but are still known by the K-Pop fans here? Should we send every entry to @Baby Clyde to see if they pass the "Are they so famous that even the elderly know them?" test?
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  8. I'd suggest banning K/J-pop but they're usually the better songs on the list.

    *jams to Ladies' Code*
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  9. Has one of them ever won? Legit asking here.
  10. A lot (2YOON, Girl's Day, Stellar, Lim Kim) came 2nd or 3rd but I think the only foreign language entry that's won is Indila whose French. A J-Pop group won (FEMM) once but the song was in English anyway.
  11. I think it was right to veto Red Velvet despite the fact they are a new group but their growing popularity is no joke. But Wonder Girls should have been vetoed too even with an album track as a group they are still up there with Girls Generation as one of the top girl groups just as it was not right for Girls Generation to get through with a Japanese Single. K-Pop is a tricky area especially considering non fans there are obvious acts within the big 3 of SM, YG and JYP and outside of the big 3 which should be instavetoed. The same applies to those who are very notable solo acts as well as being in a group too e.g. G-Dragon the only thing I ask for is some consistency.
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  12. Can we pretty please have the list of songs today? @imaduck
  13. I'd consider myself to be like a casual K-pop fan. In my opinion the groups that shouldn't be allowed in are the ones who belong to the big companies (Red Velvet are SM right?) I think any act who would be in a list of like "the best groups to get into k-pop with" shouldn't be allowed. So like 4Minute that one time probably should have been vetoed.

    But someone like Lim Kim (Awoo is still one of my favourite entries of all time by the way) is cool cause she's almost a small act in terms of popularity.

    I think these rules become more complicated when it comes to j-pop though. Vetoing Perfume a couple of times, but then not veoting Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is questionable.
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  15. Yes, the whole tricky foreign pop thing could use a bit of tuning for veto consistency, not just for K-pop. If you veto a Tokyo Jihen song from 2007 on the basis that "most people who are familiar with the genre know about the band" just a few months after you've allowed friggin Alizée's biggest single since her debut smash, you're just sending some messy messages..

    Plus of course you should re-think the whole "people who are familiar with genre X" defense, as it doesn't really hold water. If you applied it everywhere, some 90% of all Finnish entries (most of them chart-toppers locally) should've been vetoed instantly, see?

    But hey, at least the new panel is clearly up for discussing things in the open, without getting too defensive about everything, good! It'a welcome improvement on the times when people with a critical opinion would get called useless complainers (or worse), haha.
  16. First off, let me just say that I have the utmost empathy for you veto people, because I'm sure the Wonder Girls decision must have been a tough call for a couple of reasons, not to mention the whole album track thing:

    1) They were obviously top tier K-pop at one point, but it seems like they kind of fell off the radar post-2012, at least from my perspective, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think their comeback was on the same level of massive that they once were, yes?

    2) They made some minor impact in the US at one point, which would understandably cause the K-illiterate among us to go, "Wait, what? Even I've heard of them!"

    What I mean to say is, it was a unique enough situation, and I'm not sure the reaction to it needed to affect things too much going forward. This

    sounds more or less consistent with what we've done in the past without many issues, and I'm all for it continuing.

    (Red Velvet? I wouldn't have complained if they'd passed, but that's me. In spite of their recent success, they just don't feel like that big a name yet!)
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  17. Can I also draw the veto panels attention to @WowWowWowWow's comments in the spreadsheet for our penultimate song.

    Just so I know they've seen them. @Rogue / @vikeyeol / @Derek
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

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  19. Lemme not vote for the indie bands I've already bopped to for years to ensure that my sis HeartSharts doesn't leave me out to dry again.
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