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Popjustice Song Contest 35

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. And after that 4 minute decision by the panel we have ourselves a 4th veto

    and the reason

  2. Will Smith shattering dreams.
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  3. If I don't receive Hazey's 12, humanity is doomed.

    I'll be at work but perched for the list tonight.
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  4. Alles klar! I take back what I said couple of pages back, great that you guys took into account the feedback from last round. And yes it does make sense to veto Red Velvet this time around.
  5. K94


    I was going to sit this one out but I'm less busy now so hopefully I can slip in!
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  6. I'm off to bed very shortly - chances of this going out tonight are looking sllliiiimmm

    hope to it veto panel! (i only put the new ones up an hour ago, so they aren't slacking)
  7. If you dipped into whatever vault this came out of, then I'm here for you.

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  9. I have a friend named Nikki Williams. That's weird.
  10. I see a handful of great songs already. Love y'all!
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  11. @imaduck, the Pony Pony Run Run video is unavailable for me. Assuming this is the same song?
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  12. Also 18 points seem like a bit much to award. Even with the number of entries we get, a top 10 has pretty consistently allowed me a feeling of all killer no filler in my votes and I'm not sure I'd feel the same with an expanded ballot, though I'm not trying to speak for everyone here. I mean no shade with that either. We just have a tendency to end up with a pretty diverse selection of songs and I feel like after 10 I might just be awarding sake of filling out the ballot than because I genuinely like the songs I'm voting for.

    But again, just speaking for myself here, so I don't expect this is true of everyone.
  13. I like the idea of voting for 15, or maybe 13 (with it going 9, 10, 11, 13, 15) when we have more songs...

    I'm ready to receive all your 18's!

    (Also, time limits, I think I'll need two hungover Sunday's to get thrown them all).
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  14. I've got no problem even in previous contests I felt I could have given 3 more songs points.
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  15. If no-one submits votes yet, I'll make a decision tomorrow morning for or against a trial once a few more opinions are in!
  16. Yeah!!! I was waiting and hoping for someone would finally work with this points system! Top 10 never feels enough!

    And I notice Sally and Mitch.
  17. Nikki Williams got past veto but Red Velvet didn't..?
  18. Two of my all-time favorite songs are on there. It's going to be hard to be objective......
  19. K94


    Pretty sure I tried getting Glowing in before or maybe twice but it was vetoed. If it's one of the veto panel's songs...
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  20. I would vote for keeping it at 10! I prefer to exclude songs than to award filler points... and it is easier to spend some extra time to meticulously rank a top 10, than doing it for 15 songs.
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