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Popjustice Song Contest 60/LX: II Heart PJSC (Five Years of PJSC Edition) - RESULTS!!!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    Once upon a time, about eighteen rounds before I got here, our long-lost founder @StratusJM decided we should give this song contest thing a shot, and the PJSC as we know it was born.

    …Well, kind of. It was a different era. The PJSC, the PJOPS, and the PJ00s were basically one, there were no complaints when Serebro passed veto, Aura was still Aura Dione, Invader Girl was Cinnamon Girl, and @Jonathan27 was our @DJHazey.

    But some things never change. @imaduck won because obvs, in a fierce battle with @popknark2 because obvs, with a Swedish ex-girl group member because Popjustice.

    And we did it again. And again. And here we are now, about to wrap up five years of PJSC... I’m assuming, at least, because it’s PJSC 60 and 60 = 5 x 12. So let’s CELEBRATE!


    If you’re new, go read them. They’ll tell you how to enter the contest without getting vetoed, and how to vote on the songs. And welcome! You’ll love this, I promise.


    Submission: Tuesday October 31 – Monday November 6 (11:59 PM GMT)
    Voting: Tuesday November 7 – Saturday November 25 (11:59 PM GMT)
    Results: Sunday November 26
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    We could save all the fun and games for results day, and in the meantime we could have dead silence interrupted by the usual “My song is amazing” and “Noooooo, I’ve been vetoed” and “Damn whoever got my fave before me”... or, you know, we could just get started now.

    (Besides, I’ve got something even more fun in mind for the reveal, which I’ll tell you all about once the song list is up. Excited?)

    So. Whether it’s been five years of PJSC for you or you literally just got here, I’m sure we all have stories. Let’s remember this contest and everything it means to us in all its craziness. Right here, right now, in this thread, no forms, no PMs.

    To get us going, without further ado, inspired by all of y’all on your phones watching the leaderboard at weddings and laughing at me doing the same in fitting rooms…

    #1) What’s the most ridiculous place you’ve ever been for a PJSC reveal—and still checked for the results?

    Do tell. Tell me now. Send in those entries and then I want you back here with your stories. I’m expecting some good ones!

    (And no, we’re not stopping with this question. There’ll be more!)

    The rest:

    #2) Which PJSC acts have you seen live? Bonus points if you've met any.
    #3) Post your fave troll entries from PJSCs past. The crazier, the better!
    #4) That one PJSC flop of yours that you don't understand—what is it?
    #5) Who keeps getting your points time after time? And who do you keep getting points from?
    #6) Are there any PJSC acts/songs you didn't give points to... but then later fell in love with?
    #7) What are the greatest PJSC videos of all time? Or even just the most memorable ones...
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    So how well do we all know each other after (up to) five years? Let’s play a little guessing game and find out!

    1. This round, at any time before the close of voting, you have the opportunity to send me guesses as to who entered what.

    2. Do this in a private message to me, not on the form you put your votes into. (The last thing I want is people delaying their votes for this!)

    3. You can guess at as few or as many entries as you want. You can guess at none, you can guess at a bunch of them, or you can guess at the whole list. Your call.

    4. Except you can’t guess at your own entry. Obvs.

    5. For each correct guess, you win five (5) points.

    6. But here’s the catch—for each incorrect guess, you lose one (1) point.

    7. Whoever ends up with the highest point total wins the guessing game.

    8. This is just a side game and doesn’t affect the point totals in the actual contest in any way. Obvs.

    9. I don’t get to play because I know it all already. Obvs.

    10. Here’s our list of entrants…


    Using last round’s entries as an example, let’s say you decided to make the following guesses:

    George Maple – Hero: @Lost Boy
    Cathedrals – Try to Fight: @Derek
    Serebro – My Money: @DJHazey

    Then you’d score as follows:

    George Maple – Hero: @Lost Boy (+5) (correct guess)
    Cathedrals – Try to Fight: @Derek (+5) (correct guess)
    Serebro – My Money: @DJHazey (-1) (incorrect guess)

    And your final score would be 5 + 5 - 1 = 9. Got it?

    Good luck, and happy guessing!
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  5. Swooped right in with my entry. TOTAL BANGER.
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  6. The first place that comes to mind is at the Fifth Harmony concert. (It was before the show started obv)

    I'm glad I'm the resident 'teen-pop warrior' of this contest. I'm also proud that I've been able to get some of craziest entries of the subgenre to get Top 20 and even Top 10 finishes, which proves that everyone should enter whatever they are passionate about and try to open people's minds to something they might not have thought they'd love.

    I mean Julie Bjerre 4th?

    Destinee & Paris 9th?

    Freakin' Tiffany Giardina 13th???

    I took Jonathan27's baton and I've re-wrote the book on how it's done. hehe

    Oh and after all that, my new entry isn't all that teen-pop dddd, but it's a bop.
  7. I once checked the results at a job interview while I was waiting for the second interviewer to come in. (I still got the job!)
  8. Yes let's do this!

    As for the question... I think I've only ever checked the reveals at home. Nice to start this round with a flop already...
  9. Submitted!

    @iheartpoptarts, since you'll know which entry is mine, I'm expecting payment for all the 12s I've thrown your way!
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  10. Altough it's only my second PJSC, in the beginning of the revealing of PJSC 59 I was in a chinese restaurant. And I've finally learnt how to use chopsticks properly, then I thought "If I can use chopsticks, I can get at least top 20 in my first PJSC!".

    I got home to follow the next reveals and I eventually got a #22, which is the peak of The Saturdays 'Work' in the UK Charts, so that's ok.
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  11. I hope you celebrated with a sultry catwalk strut!

  12. [​IMG]
  13. I don't think I'll ever top this, and I'd love to see someone try!

    One time I thought no one was going to vote for my act (he was a guy... I tend to have bad luck with that), so I decided I'd just go to a wine festival. I somehow landed in the top ten. Needless to say, it was a good day.
  14. Submitted a fucking massive song.
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  15. In it with veto-click bait, but my back up is lit too. So bring it. After that random victorious effort of achieving the award I wanted the previous round I am feeling lucky.
  16. Submitted! Getting an award last round was good for my spirits.

    Most ridiculous place? I'm always home.
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  17. This past two months has had some INCREDIBLE releases so I’m excited.

    @Derek our last minute fight begins again.
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  18. Those 2017 stats.

    When you...

    won once this year.
    was #2 this year.

    But you are ranked as 22nd on having the most points of the year. People participating in only 7 contest out of 10 are placed higher. What a disaster from my other 8 entries.

    Here is my trackrecord so far this year: 31 of 32 // 1st of 36 // 29 of 37 // 24 of 39 // 2nd of 37 // 39 of 39 // 32 of 32 // 18 of 40 // 27 of 35 // 36 of 37.
  19. I feel like P!nk - somehow I’m #2 on the 2017 list and was #3 on the 2016 list too?
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