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PopJustice Song Contest - 63 - Legends Edition (Wiiner Winner Chicken..... Dinner)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Ooh, I considered entering one of these, and I really love whoever did!

    (I have a few ideas.)
  2. I'm shook there's someone stealing my brazilian artists. Last time it was @DJHazey.
    You too @soratami ?
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  3. It wasn't me but I actually considered entering Céu this round!
  4. It feels like such an epic round.
  5. @imaduck Could you include the Spotify playlists in the first page pls? Easier to find
  6. Meanwhile, I've gone full Bopjustice on the legends ballot. Happy times.
  7. RuPaul versus Gwen was such a hard choice.
  8. Two of my favorite songs of all-time being among those choices made it an easy ballot.
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  9. You're so sweet for reminding me to vote even though I wasn't gonna pick them. xx
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  10. I'm either sweet or I don't understand proper strategy, I haven't decided yet. xx
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  11. I think you're sweet either way!
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  12. I genuinely thought it was Saturday!

    Sorry, I'm not at work this week and it's thrown me for a complete loop.
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  13. one of the fights is 50/50 after 26 responses.
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  14. Oh I thought I had time till tonight. So sorry I missed it.
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  15. I thought I had until tonight, so was lining up a fantastic power ballad for the legends while trying to find something from the last couple of years that wouldn't be vetoed. Never mind, there's always next round right?
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  16. Looking at the tournament bracket and rip my song no way I can see it beating the song it is up against.

    Also, I only know a couple of the songs this round so it's very fresh, how exciting.
  17. @KamikazeHeart @WowWowWowWow Luckily nobody entered my dance teacher.
  18. Handicapping the first round:

    -Marina has a strong but not bulletproof chance at beating Agnes. I'll say 70/30 Marina.

    -RuPaul/Gwen is a tossup in my eyes. My gut says say 55/45 RuPaul though.

    -Utada has some j-pop hunties to back her, but it'll be an uphill climb vs. Michelle. 80/20 Michelle.

    -Poor Tove Styrke, Madonna will be near 100%.
  19. Most of them were my dance and performing teachers. In video.
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