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PopJustice Song Contest - 63 - Legends Edition (Wiiner Winner Chicken..... Dinner)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. ‘Miles Away’ and ‘Frozen’ are my two favourite Madonna songs so it’s a hard decision as ‘Ego’ is the best song of 2016.

    Agnes’ ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ is the greatest Melodifestivalen song that never was but I fear it will fall due to people just... knowing the Marina song outright and already having a connection. I’m not a fan of ‘I’m a Ruin’ anyway.

    The other two were fairly easy.
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  2. I think you got one of these wrong but I more or less agree with the other three.
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  3. Who else wants upsets? It'll be fun.
  4. "Miles Away" is truly fantastic. Thanks for the playlist

  5. One of these entries has brought out some feelings.
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  6. Wow, I didn't even know this thread was up until today! Too late to enter a legend?

    Love the theme of this round. @imaduck you really outdid yourself!

    Nothing that really stood out for me in this round, so I don't mind sitting this one out. But next round, I'll be coming back with something very strong! Oh yes!

    That said, my 12 for this round would have been Woman E.
    And of course my Legend would have been ..
    Anna Abreu - Mend

    Looking forward to the next round!
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  7. Sorry to all those who thought they had until today - that's my bad,

    It is my full intention to make all my victories from here on in Legend rounds, I love a good tournament.

    I'm at my parents this weekend and completely forgot to bring my Photoshop files with me - which means all my graphics are at home, so we'll have to get by without them until Monday.

    Round 2 Voting HERE

    Tournament Bracket HERE

    This round is a big one, so you can have until Tuesday 5pm!
  8. Can we have the user participant's list pleeeease?
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  9. Well that’s my song done in the first round...

    To a Marina & the Diamonds song...

    I quit.

    I should’ve gone with Katy ‘Thinking of You’ damn it.
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  10. That Agnes song was great, though. I’d never heard it before, so thank you for entering it!

    I love Marina, but I’m A Ruin vs Euphoria really does deserve to be won by Euphoria. What a song.
  11. Hold up, there's still a losers bracket to be won!! (She's not going to win the losers bracket).
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  12. Wait. I am supposed to choose between Dance in the Dark and Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart. This is painful. I cannot believe my poor Alicia is put against my fave GaGa track.

    Also Sophie and Emma going head to head with two pop mammoths is a finale on it's own.
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  13. If You Go vs Maybe has to be the hardest choice there.
  14. If my song doesn’t progress this round, I will be demanding 250 words from each of you on how you actually define legendary status.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. [​IMG]
  17. That Pet Shop Boys song is a discovery. Well done whoever.
  18. I need to go back in time to PJSC 25 and give points to Ida Redig. She's my new fave after melfest today.
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  19. You’re (very belated) welcome!
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  20. Since we are doing this, can I thank you for Paperwhite as well? Since I have been going through the songs of PJSC, I can't believe none of her songs have won.
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