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Popjustice Song Contest 67: SCHOOL’S OUT EDITION (Final leaderboard on page 26)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. The silliest thing is it wasn't like that for the YEARBOOK :(
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  2. My votes have been PMed to you @WowWowWowWow ! Great diversity this round, all these French songs, an Aboriginal Australian song and a Bogan Australian song! It's like all you guys had me in mind when you entered this round! LOL
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  3. I decided on Stockholm, because I don't want to go and see Bananarama at the shows.
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  4. Just submitted my votes and now doing yearbook messages so everyone prepare for some famous "inspirational" (funny) quotes

  5. Oh.

    So how do we go about getting the rules changed back, hmmmm?
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  6. We're just happy you are back And will take that! How was the vacation? Xx
  7. Oh, I'm not back! I'm posting from vacay because I wanna fix my beloved PJSC. xx
  8. I can't say the change in rules has resulted in me knowing any more of the acts than I normally do.

    I was expecting way more artists this time that would never have passed veto before... and yet I think we have maybe one artist who has benefited from the change in rules?
  9. I think there are 3 songs in here that would be vetoed.

    All three are new discoveries for me.
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  10. Just voted. My 12 pointer is so iconic, one of the best songs in PJSC in a long time.
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  11. You're welcome.
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  12. You're welcome, but I'm just gonna say there's absolutely no way it's your song!
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  13. Unless you have inside info or it's a male artist (ddd)..

  14. (Remember I entered Lenka in PJ00s and nobody had me pegged for that song and I won)
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  15. I think there's another aspect you're forgetting, but I won't say anymore as I don't want to end up spoiling my 12 ddd
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  16. Oh?

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  17. I'll just say it's probably not yours either!
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  18. I have entered R&B before, ddd, in fact Skylar Stecker's "Blame" which was vetoed is R&B and legit one of the best bops of 2018, download it today, etc.



  19. it's not R&B
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  20. Four songs would have arguably been vetoed without this rule, which I think is notable. Three of which would have scored an outright '0' on the system from me.
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