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Popjustice Song Contest 67: SCHOOL’S OUT EDITION (VOTING OPEN until Saturday, June 23rd 20:00 BST)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Greetings to all! It's time for the 67th Edition of the Popjustice Song Contest. You're stuck with @WowWowWowWow since @Derek unfortunately couldn't take the reins this round. However, I've been dying to do this theme since the last time I had the pleasure of creating a contest (which I think was something like 3 years ago), so I finally get my wish!!

    It’s time for Popjustice Song Contest 67 – THE EUROVISION EDITION!!!

    Eurovision unites millions of music fans around the globe every year and is responsible for launching the careers of such global superstars as ABBA and Celine Dion. We also want to unite music fans on the Popjustice forum, so we will take a page out of the Eurovision playbook. Each contestant will not only pick a song to compete for the votes of the others, but you’ll also each choose a co—

    Hold on a minute… I'm being told that we’ve already had multiple other song contests with a Eurovision theme that were done fantastically! Not to mention the Eurovision rates!! So we’re not actually going to do it again!!! This has all been a gag!!!! I GOTCHA!!!!!


    Let’s get to the real theme of this month’s contest…

    Yes yes y’all – as we’re about to head into summer, it’s time to take our last exams, invite each other to proms and graduation parties, and of course, that long-fabled tradition in the USA (and maybe other parts of the world, I’m ignorant) – we need to sign each others’ yearbooks!


    (Side note, I just realized that this probably isn’t a thing anymore. For those who may be too young to remember, yearbooks are what us viejos used to buy every year at school to have as a keepsake of everything that happened in the past year. Since we didn’t have access to every photo ever taken in history on a device the size of an index card. Get off my lawn.)

    While the veto panel deliberates on your entries, please talk in the thread about your best summer memories, any plans you have for travel or relaxation over the next few months, your favorite summer anthems, or whatever you want really. Eventually (once I figure out how to make this work ddd), once our participant list is known, you’ll get to “sign” everyone’s yearbook. You can include inside jokes, memories from past contests, or funny quotes. But be nice, because we will all see everyone’s yearbook pages when the votes are revealed.

    Stolen Adapted from @londonrain's PJSC 66 introduction

    The Popjustice Song Contest is a music contest focused on discovering new/obscure music. Each participant picks a song by a lesser known artist or new discovery and pits this song against other unknown or new songs. All contestants will submit their entries via Google form for the veto panel's deliberation. During this time the veto panel will score your song out of 100 (0 being instant veto, 100 being no issues). If it averages 50+ then it will be accepted into the contest.

    Things that will affect your veto score, but not necessary result in a veto
    - Previously submitted artist (3 being generally the upper limit unless significant time has passed)
    - Doing well in a previous round
    - Forum threads or discussions
    - Double submission of songs
    - Multiple submission of artists
    - Reality TV contestants
    - Notable personalities (who aren't necessary singers)
    - Mentions by Popjustice on social media (outside the website)
    - Features as popjustice.com's song of the week or in a Popjustice Spotify playlist
    - Blog presence (outside popjustice.com)
    - Large view counts on YouTube (no exact science here, but upload time and international audience are taken into account)
    - Big artists in other countries
    - Lesser hits / album tracks from well known K-Pop acts
    - People with features on hits
    - Covers of lesser known songs
    - Samples of lesser known songs

    Things that will definitely be vetoed
    - Previous winners of the PJSC
    - Songs that have already been entered (check the list here: http://pjschq.wikidot.com/the-songs-of-pjsc)
    - 3 or more submissions of that song
    - A song that is featured on the popjustice.com front page (in a solo article) in the last 3 months (another song by the artist or remix of the same song can be chosen and may clear veto)
    - Songs involved in the current Eurovision cycle up to and including the month of the contest
    - Songs that have significant radio play (check this at http://comparemyradio.com/)
    - Covers of well-known songs
    - Samples of well-known songs
    - Big hits / big singles from well known K-Pop acts
    - Major K-Pop acts (2NE1, f(x), SHINee, Girls’ Generation)

    After the song list is revealed you have a period of time where you are able to submit your votes. You should vote using the traditional Eurovision style points system (12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) with the top marks going to your favorite, and 1 going to your 10th favorite. Remember you cannot vote for your own entry.


    Submission: Now – June 8th 23:59 BST / 18:59 EDT
    Voting: Whenever the list is ready – Saturday, June 23rd 20:00 BST / 15:00 EDT
    Results: (Pray for) Sunday, June 24th – 20:00 BST / 15:00 EDT
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  2. Participant List

    Empty Shoebox
    Lost Boy
    New Flame
    One Stop Candy Shop
    Petty Mayonnaise
    Untouchable Ace

    Blue username indicates votes received!
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  3. Reserved for I.
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  5. Plans for summer? I'm either going to Stockholm Pride or Göteborg Pride.
  6. That depends, do you have different ones than the ones I (believe I) have?
  7. This is such a cute theme, I love it.
  8. Who's sending Girdle this round then?
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  9. I've submitted! Not falling victim to having 2 of my potentials submitted like last round (Although it's quite likely that I'll get vetoed dddd)
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  10. I put in a song! Is it working?
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  11. Bless you all. It's working hallelujah.

    Let's forget this ever happened!!!!! HEY SUMMER FUN RIGHT
  12. OK but Stockholm Pride has Alcazar and GBG Pride has ... Wiktoria.


    OK fine Alcazar is apparently going to be at both. But Wiktim Statement should be enough to drag you in the opposite direction.
  13. Y’all ain’t ready for this one.
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  14. New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits, Chinese food makes me sick, and I think it's fly when girls stop by for the summer!

    (For the summer...)
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  15. Wiktoria will snatch the gays head off with her literal killer vocals.
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  16. See, I don't know that because I haven't looked up the programme yet.
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  17. Have a great summer!

    2 Good
    2 Be
    4 Gotten!
  18. Nordic summer teen bops?

    Here's one for you all:
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  19. Hey look at me entering something relatively new for a change. Well Skylar's "Blame" was kind of new last round but she got vetoed, I don't think this has a chance in hell of getting vetoed.

    As for summer bops, well the song I always think of first:

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