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Popjustice Song Contest 78 // Legends 6 //

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, May 6, 2019.

  1. @berserkboi Your legend is GIVING ME LIFE

    I was bopping to it in the car just this week thinking what an outrageous song it was
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  2. #lifegoals!
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  3. Curse this time difference meaning I haven't been able to submit until now! Hoping and praying that neither my submission or my legend got sent through.
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  4. Hmmm, I'm not sure what to submit... I'd submit my new avatar, but I think that would be a pretty obvious veto (despite the fact that I bet hardly anyone recognizes who it is!)
  5. I know Nanna Brindys and Of monsters and men sis not that I like them much
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  6. It's 2019 Stats time again. Not many have noticed this in the Song Contest hub.
    I wanted this on page 1 @imaduck, you couldn't have opened this an hour earlier when I was cleaning my dog at 1am?
    Here is last month's for comparison if you'd like to look at your own peaks and valleys:



    I can't believe I entered my own valley and now i'm out of the top 10.
    Well done to the many users for new PBs in round 77.
    Especially @iheartpoptarts, @berserkboi, @Zar-Unity, @llamadelrey (overall top 10 with only 3 songs), @Tiger Suit, @ufint (better result than your gold) and @imaduck who is around 150 points away from the usual 100 point average. Also newbie @Coming Century.

    How has no one had 3 top 10s?

    We're at 50 users now which is something.
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  7. Just noticed the thread.

    Most likely going to enter something random and amazing that I recalled yesterday.
    As for the (another) Legends round, there are at least five possible artists and more songs. Will submit as soon as possible to see which (if any) are already taken. And I initially thought we were only allowed to send songs from the 10's for the legends, but that's not the case, right?
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  8. Not me consecutively flopping and still somehow clinging on to the top ten.
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  9. 2014

    2014 Moderator

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  10. Confirmed and this time I really am going to win Legends.
  11. Too many potentials and I don't remember what half of them even are. I need an intern or a virtual PA.
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  12. I’m back.

  13. Read as

    "This time, Michelle is only the featured artist"
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  14. You can enter songs released on any year for the legends round, it doesn't matter. The main contest itself isn't restricted to 10s songs either, it's just what most people tend to go with.
  15. Ok, thanks.
    It was an assumption because in the PJ00s only songs from that decade were allowed. I forgot for a second that we can enter a song released at any time.

    Now waiting in case @imaduck notifies me that my legend was already taken.
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  16. Don't downplay your level of success, you've had 5 scores over 100 since my singular time behind you.
    Grace Carter is keeping you in the top 10 but you're bound to climb.
    At worst it's inconsistent flopping.
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  17. I know who I want to submit for the side theme, but she released one of the best albums of last year, so I'm stuck between 4 songs.
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  18. I’d say go with this one.
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  19. I almost submitted Rae Morris, too!
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  20. I entered.

    I imagine my selections were a couple of choices , but hey, sometimes you just go with it. I may have giggled submitting them.
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