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Popjustice Song Contest 78 // Legends 6 //

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, May 6, 2019.

  1. As expected, someone already beat me to my legend. That one could've won... I hope that the participant chose the right song.
    Sent my next one (which I'm also thinking it may be taken).
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  2. Entered a banger, will this one maybe get top five as well? It
    will be interesting to find out.
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  3. Forgot to say this has been in the first post for a while
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  4. Legends thus far..., Tbc and Spice Girls [2] are the clear winners here.
  5. I had to laugh after seeing that on the list.

    Props to whoever already snatched Amy Winehouse, who was my initial pick.

    Also, I didn't process that Melanie C and FKA Twigs (and Marina for a second) were British artists and remembered one band that I could've sent.
    Oh, and no Sugababes? I'm pretty sure they'll show up in the updated list.
  6. As long as the SS track is Stay - consider my loyalty to you, submitter!
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  7. wooo i got my legend in the end. let's see how many times i'll change the song.

    by the way someone send roisin murphy
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  8. I guess the US are counted as British Isles, at least sovereign oversea's territories ....
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  9. Hahaha, I did not notice this.
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  10. *insert joke about Meghan Trainor being irrelevant*
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  11. Tina Cousins?

    So that means @Robsolete is back this round, then...
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  12. *cue @Robsolete changing his pick to a non-Gotta Tell You song by a certain Irish chanteuse called Samantha Mumba*
  13. I am indeed back this round, but I can't confirm or deny any other rumours.
  14. There’s an obvious candidate which would get an automatic vote from @2014 in every round...
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  15. I was just getting ready to ask why Meghan Trainor was included! I was scouring her Wikipedia to see if she was born in the UK. (I was like, 'that'd be weird'.)
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  16. 21 Savage entry incoming.

    (Ddddddd as if.)
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  17. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Basically all of them dddd
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  18. I hate when people enter artists that I love but they enter the completely wrong song dddddd
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  19. Me going back and forth on the two songs I want to enter this round:
  20. Has deadline for submission gone in every time zone yet? If so, as per Gigi L'Amoroso - no news is good news about my entry passing veto and we are off shortly?
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