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Popjustice Song Contest 78 // Legends 6 //

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, May 6, 2019.

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  2. Veto's have all been notified!
  3. When I finally make a decision and up getting vetoed.
  4. After declining to participate in the legends side-theme this round by entering No by Meghan Trainor into the form, I've just been informed that @imaduck has selected a song for me and the choice is downright homophobic. He will be hearing from my lawyers.

  5. Oh my! Let's all rally against any Nickelback song this is!
  6. Watch it win the whole damn thing.
  7. Sorry for the delay, some last minute resubs happening - still waiting on one possible resubmission. Legends will launch later today
  8. Rock Steady, Song 4 Mutya and Back To Black are all here? Please God Of Ducks - let them never come up against each other on the early rounds!!!!
  9. Anywhere vs Crying For No Reason? Are you trying to hurt me?
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  10. I was coming to post the same thing! By far the toughest of the first matchups.
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  11. It did make me realize how much I want a Rita Ora x Katy B collab.
  12. Some great choices in the legends round. I'm surprised Des'ree is British though, I thought she was from a Nordic country or something, I mean those lyrics are a bit... ESL.
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  13. And that song was a huge hit in many an ESL country! I remember bopping to I think incessantly in Mauritius! :D
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  14. Same here, it's the kind of song that still gets played on the radio every now and then.
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  15. And yet the lyrics are still not as bad as the lyrics to the follow-up single:

  16. That was not a big hit - even in ESL countries, I kiiiii!
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  17. That list has some amazing songs.

    Props to the one who submitted Amy Winehouse and "Back To Black" - the best possible choice! (and I also hate you because I submitted the same song a day too late).

    And I'm jealous of whoever chose "I Turn To You" before I realized (or thought) that Mel C is from Britain. Similar thing goes for The Cranberries.

    If someone 'stole' my second legend entry, the next one would probably be Arctic Monkeys or Marina and the Diamonds (but she's on the list, fortunately, and with an amazing song choice).

    Also, no Sugababes? I expected them to be here, but after their win in the previous legends, it's reasonable to take a break.
  18. And no Girls Aloud either! At least we got The Saturdays and Spice Girls.
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  19. This is the 2nd time you've commented this in here and i'm still so confused. You know Mel C was in the Spice Girls right?
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