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Popjustice Song Contest 78 // Legends 6 //

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, May 6, 2019.

  1. People who are disappointed that there is no Sugababes track here- you can vote for Mutya..... or Jade dddddd

    (In all seriousness, that poor girl just jumped on board at the wrong time as she is talented!)
  2. there are some of my faves here

    i hope they never have to face against each other
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  3. The list reveal of the legends is interesting.

    I've informed @imaduck that the voting form doesn't match the bracket, so best case is we can keep the votes already cast and switch around the bracket to match.
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  4. Ddddd not sure how I managed that, will reset the form and fix it shortly
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  5. I didn't know who the members of Spice Girls were until about a year ago, but in this case it was just that I recalled Mel C after I've sent my legend submission.
    By the way, I love Mel C and have listened to her whole discography, she just didn't pop up in my head at the right time.
  6. Whew, this time I love 95% of those Legends! The taste jumped the fuck out!
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  7. Oh darn i missed another contest it seems :(
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  9. Wait, after the Eurovision final on Saturday?
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  10. How much time do we have to vote for the first legends round?
    I won't be at home for one day, so I hope there's time until Friday/Saturday.
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  11. Semi finals part.2 are happening right now sis!
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  12. Generally with the main contest 24hrs or so!
  13. Seems to be a bit of a moodier contest this month, I'm here for it!
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  14. ddd @imaduck La Loi de Murphy was vetoed. It was already entered in round 63.
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  16. I was about to say I recognise that La Loi De Murphy title! We still have French to support this round, it looks like!
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  17. Are the tags working for you hun?
    I tagged you because I need your vote, and i'm sure i'd vote for you again. That's sad.

    I guess I'll have to rely on @saviodxl.
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  18. Is that person able to resubmit?
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  19. How did Au/Ra make it past veto when she had a hit in the UK not even a year ago?
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