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Popjustice Song Contest 78 // Legends 6 //

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, May 6, 2019.

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    Works now yay x
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  2. So one of the absolute best British groups ever was beat by an ex-One Direction? I can't.
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  3. Didn't expect Precious to lose their battle, but not too mad at any of the results.

    Heard only three songs from the actual contest so far. I should probably hurry because PJOPS PJRetro song list is just around the corner.
    Exticed to listen to the entries after seeing the praise they got.
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  4. You're Kate Nash then? I totally understand.
  5. My Legend is up against an artist I really love, I'm struggling here. Life is hard etc etc
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  6. I don’t know how to feel about the fact that somebody managed to scam their way into this round with a song that essentially borrows the chorus of this US top ten smash:

  7. I do know that song but I actually thought that chorus was based on a traditional song or a nursery rhyme or something.
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    I'm so excited for the new Aladdin <3
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  9. Again I mentioned this!
  10. Kii that someone basically entered a MUNA song though.
  11. Mine sounds like a somebody and when people pick up on it, it's only going to help its chances.

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  12. There's another song that quite obviously rips off a very famous guitar riff too. This round tried it.
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  13. That one song in PJ00s 14 that took its guitar riff DIRECTLY from War Is Over by John & Yoko teas.
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  14. Wait, which song was that?
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  16. Thanks to whoever chose Des'ree and "Life" for reminding me of how much I love that song! Although it wasn't a long time ago before I last heard it, I almost forgot about the song. Used to hear it all the time on the radio (even wasn't sure if it was by her).
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  17. @imaduck you forgot to include a "0" option in the voting form. I ended up changing my ballot after submitting it and I need to change one of the song's scores to 0, otherwise I have two 1s.
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  18. Really? How strange, I use the same form every time, will investigate when I get a moment
  19. Obvious winner detected in first 10 seconds of the song. I bet it's @Derek 's
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