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Popjustice Song Contest 80 - Other Tongue (Voting Deadline 24th!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Tiger Suit, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Linear time is an illusion, you need to open your mind.
  2. Submitted ~

    I’m coming for blood with my song, I hope.
  3. Shit I completely didnt read the side theme properly and entered Shakira... Let me edit that real quick!!
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  4. Who knows, the possibilities are endless

  5. Decided to enter another
    so Cutlery can seethe a bit more.

    Still came third.

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  6. Loving the side theme!

    I already had my main entry in mind, but for the side theme, like @soratami said, the possibilities are endless...
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  7. Dddd, my bad, I wrote this out at 2AM after a long shift
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  8. Just to reiterate what @imaduck said; the submission form has now been updated, so @CorgiCorgiCorgi and @OspreyQueen if you haven't already, could you please resubmit so that it includes your side theme?
  9. Submitted and awaiting the approval.
    My side theme song was pretty random and obvious choice, but now that I figured it out, it actually complements my main contest song in a way.

    So @Tiger Suit we will have two contests in one (in terms of voting)?
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  10. That's the idea! That's partly why we'll be doing the results on different days, so that both winners get their shine.
    And since having a partner takes the edge off hosting (@berserkboi has been a very encouraging cohost, and helped me refine the side contest into what it now is), having two winners instantly creates two hosts for the next round.
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  11. I haven't prayed this hard in a long time to have my song pass veto.
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  12. Imagine thinking I'm the one bothered
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  13. i hope my main song doesn't have a sample i hope my main song doesn't have a sample i hope my main song doesn't have a sample i hope my main song doesn't have a sample


    fun fact my side entry was released today
  14. Oop *Double Entry Klaxon*
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. Done!
  17. WAIT, I think I know what song this could be! (and didn't even listen to it yet)
    That sounds great!
    Then again, I'm not sure how my side theme song will do. It will be a bit heartbreaking for me if it doesn't do well.
  18. I quite like your selection, I think you'll be okay.
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  19. I'm nervous that my Tongue pick might be better than my contest pick. Also, I hope my pick wasn't stolen ddd.
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